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I didn't get the promotion

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Well, I didn't get the promotion.......again. I am so tired of this, I don't even know why I try. I have been trying for over 6 years to get this promotion. I have come to the conclusion that people where I work who get the promotions are the one's that are the biggest ***kissers.

And what sucks is that most of the people who were promoted over me are no longer with the company. Oh well, I didn't want to have to work Saturdays anyway. And I would have had my hours changed from 9-5:30 to 10:30-7pm.

Also, the person that got the promotion over me sits across the aisle from me. She never speaks to me, and really dislikes me for some reason. Especially now that I do not buy Avon from her anymore. Why buy from someone who hates you... LOL I buy from another lady at work. But maybe the person that takes that desk will actually speak to me.

I am trying not to let this get to me, but it is hard. I am trying to look on the bright side.

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I'm really sorry to hear that!!!

Is this the same position you've been applying for? If so talk to the person that heads that position and tell them you have been interested for a long time, but are wondering what you need to work on in order to become a better candidate for the position.

Hate to say it though, you may have to work on your office politics a bit. While I hate a brown noser as much as the next person, really honestly some brown nosing does pay off.

Then again if people are leaving after the get the promotion, maybe you don't want it
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I do think you have every right and reason to ask (respectfully, of course) why you've been passed over. The answer might be helpful to you, and simply by asking, you will demonstrate your dedication to advancing your career.

And depending on what the answer is, you may get a better feel for whether it's time to look for greener (and friendlier) pastures.

Rejection is rough, isn't it? I've been there a few times, and even on a business level, it really hurts. I'm so sorry!
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From what they told me today, I didn't "sell" myself enough. My interview didn't stand out. I did learn some valuable info today. I am just going to go on and be the best assist rep I can be. The other reps like me because I am so nice to them. My turn is coming.
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sorry to hear that!
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Sorry that you didn't get the promotion. When i was in the corporate world the "suck-ups (aka brown nosers)" always seemed to get their way and into positions they may not have been the best qualified for.
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