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My Ten Cats Were Once All Ferals

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I think I may have a gift at taming them...
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It's a wonderful gift- just ask my 25!
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The only draw back is I want to love, tame and save them all but grandma won't let me because they cost too much to feed...and she gave me an ultimatem that I have to get rid of the girls "NOW" or she will take them to the pound...This is the only reason I don't like this gift..If food was cheaper she'd probably let them all stay, even if the female's are gonna get preg... my poor kitties...I love cats...I want to use my gift to tame more to alteast give them a chance but I dont know how...even my pound said that it would kill alot less if they were tame...maybe people like me could volunteer or start some statewide tameing place were people bring cats they catch and want tame and then everyone gives donations for food and litter boxes (or better yet own land behing the building where the cats cant get out because it is fenced too high and stuff...then they wont need a litter box...One day I am going to do this if I canever get the money...what do you think every one????
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Would she let you keep the females if they were spayed? There are lots of low-cost spay/neuter programs out there. My vet just told me tonight that for ferals, they will do it for the cost of anesthesia! (I am excited about this, think I will invest in a humane trap now).
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I don't know how old you are, but some shelters have age restrictions on volunteers for insurance purposes.

It isn't so much about "taming" a feral, it is more about establishing a trust with the animal and showing it that humans are not all bad. Although all my cats are socialized and some are even lap cats, I never claim they are tame. They will always revert back to their instinctive feral nature and will flee if something scares them, or hide when they are frightened. They vanish when we have overnight guests, and not very many domesticated and tamed cats do that. They scratch me at any given time if they hear a noise that startles them, so being tame, just doesn't enter into my vocabulary. I have one big fella 10 years old who I never even thought would come in the house, and now he is one of our biggest lap buddies.

But once you establish that bond of trust with an animal that has been so scared and abused by the outside world, there is no word to describe the feeling you get with that first head-bump of acceptance.
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my only problem is after they are friendly i want them inside :LOL: but they either don't wanna come in or dh doens't want them in...although i'm gaining alot of ground with the kittens!
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I am 18 and want to do my "Feral Sanctuary" someday...she won't go get them fixed..she said we can barely afford food as it is...If "momma cat" (who she recently took to a poud before I woke up so I couldn't stop her) hadn't had 8 kittens we woulnt have so many...alot have already been taken...It hurts so much to be so helpless...They dont deserve to die...HISSY I agree with all you said...my cats are the same way, but some are actually tame..they will do anything you want...never run never scratch and are never scared...but most are still scared of outsiders...I don't know if I truly have a gift or what...but all animals seem to like me..
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I am the same way, but grandma says no to the fleas and cat litter...myself Id let all 10 if I could...but I know by their personalities there are only 2 that would be happy inside...the others are to exploratory...
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IloveMy10Cats - Thank you for being an angel to these wonderful creatures! It is a wonderful thing to have that very special relationship and bond with animals. My hubby has it, and I am constantly amazed.

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma not wanting to get the cats spayed or neutered. Have you checked any resources to see if there is a no-cost spay/neuter program available to you? You can try calling local shelters and Vets, and you can search on-line, too. In some places there are mobile units that will come to you and perform the operations on ferals for free. She couldn't say no to that, could she? It would help prevent so many problems (and so much heartache) for you and for the cats! There are links to spay/neuter organizations in this link (located at the top of Feral Colonies forum) Helping Ferals - Resources!. In addition to contacting local vets and shelters to ask about spay/neuter programs for ferals, it's worth contacting theses organizations to ask about programs in your area, isn't it? It takes a little work and time, but it sounds like it's something you want to do.

(BTW - often local shelters can help make arrangments for inexpensive food if you are managing a feral colony, though many only provide it if you are practicing TNR (trap-neuter-release). Another resource out there you might not previously have known existed in many places!).

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Thanks for your response.....I wish I could do something...I tried but she said NO that that she won't bother taking them anywhere unless they are going to pound...time is running out.....she is wanting to take the girls to the pound (preggies) and I don't know what to do...my only option is to put them in paper....but there are some not even tame enough to catch...(girls seem to be harder to tame..*laughs*..)I really wish I caould have every creature in the world under my care especially cats, but I know how much of a silly imposibility that is...*sigh* I just want to help them...My "children" are gonna die if I don't do something soon...she's already saying the females are preg, even though they are still too yound in my opinion....OOOO guess what, I just worked with 2 and got to hold them and get them to let me pet them....maybe i have 2 now I can save.....
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