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Do They Come When Called?

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Sammie does almost all the time, even when she is out on the lanai (her favorite place).

The times she does not come are very few and far between.
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Only one of my cats is an indoor/outdoor the rest are indoor only. When I call Joey my outdoor he usually comes right away unless he's over at the farm visiting his buddies My indoor cats all come when called, but I think that is food motivated
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Mine respond to their names but don't come when called. My cousin and her husband have a DLH named Spooky who *does* come when he's called -- I suspect the dogs (wolf-German Shepherd hybrid and Rottie) rubbed off on him.
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Yes, and both Ling and Charlie answer you first 95% of the time - the other time they don't is when they don't want to be found...they are playing "hide from mom" game
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When I call for them, they both usually come prancing along, I think, like Helen said - its food motivated
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Mine does. Brady will come when called. I swear sometimes he thinks he is a dog! Maybe it comes from living with two dogs? He even begs at the table!
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Yep, all three of ours come when they're called.
Actually, Gracie comes no matter who you call.
I think she thinks her Brother or Sister might be getting a treat and she doesn't want to miss out
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I think Sammie has realized that there is something of interest to her when I call. Either there is the neighborhood cat at the window side panel by the front door, or there is a lizard outside a window, or a bug...

She knows Momma is calling for a reason.
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i don't know that i'd say they come when called... but they do usually show up w/in my field of vision. not always, of course - they're cats!
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Our cats are trained to know that a kissy noise means food (simple Pavlovian conditioning thing). So they'll both come running to a kissy noise.

Milo comes when I call his name.

Cat only comes if she thinks she'll get food out of it.
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Yes, everytime.
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Originally Posted by tempteq View Post
Our cats are trained to know that a kissy noise means food (simple Pavlovian conditioning thing). So they'll both come running to a kissy noise.
Firefox comes for that, 'cause i fed her in isolation for a long time... that's how i called her to the bathroom for her 'special' food [otherwise piggy big bro Chip would've eaten it in a flash!].
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Ours are indoor only. If we call any of our kitties, they'll usually look at us if they're in the same room.

If I'm in the kitchen and call them for dinner or treats, they come.

For us, we've found the maxim "dogs come when called, cats take a message and get back to you" to be pretty much the truth. (Unless they're pretty sure food is involved!)

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It depends on WHY I am calling them!
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Mine all come when I call them unless they are busy stalking a bug or something. I recently discovered that Zara responds more quickly to Zar Zar. I think because the "Zar" part is what is most distinctive about her name as opposed to the others names.
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Every single time I call my cats and have food they come. If I call without food it's a dice roll. Usually they do but if they're super comfy and napping I'm wasting my breath. Of course, if I were napping comfortably I wouldn't get up to answer me either.
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Mine is an outdoor cat and always comes when called. Usually when my boyfriend and I get home we walk up to our home calling her name and within minutes she always comes running along.
She'll even follow us if we walk in a certain direction and call her to come along!
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All of ours except the newest one comes at a whistle and/or their names. Mine never go far from the house and my biggest female likes to sit and watch the rabbits. she chases them, but never catches them.
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Mine all know their individual names and usually come when called. Noira doesn't always come but will look and meow and talk to me and sometimes get all rolly wherever she is at. Eliott will come no matter who's name you call if he is in the mood, otherwise he ignores and keeps on sleeping unless he hears HIS name.
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the kittens will generally come when called especially if they think food is involved!

my dh and i have this thing with tabitha now that if she is in the garden we will call 'tab tab tab' over and over and she will run down the garden to us with her little cat bot legs going nineteen to the dozen! it's the funniest thing!
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I swear Wickett is a dog trapped in a cat's body! LOL He almost always come when called and for him it's love driven. He comes because he wants to be close to us. In fact, I seldom have to call him because he tends to follow me around or lead me. Like in the mornings he comes into the bathroom with me while I shower and it's such a pattern that when I get up to go upstairs he runs up and waits in the bathroom for me. Frankie on the other hand ONLY comes when I call from the kitchen/laundy room because she IS food driven. If I don't have food it's not worth her getting up to see why I'm calling.
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Yes, they come and they know their names although one or two get confused sometimes ... My senior Joji though has begun ignoring my calls. She's always fast asleep.
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Not likely...

They like to come and say hi when I get home, but otherwise, unless I'm shaking the treats bag, they come if they feel like, don't if they don't.
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Chloe sometimes will. She always will if you shake a jar of treats!
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