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Kidney disease - What to feed her

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My cat was diagnosed a few months ago as being in the early stages of kidney disease. We switched her from Meow Mix to Hills k-d and it did cause her kidney enzymes to return to the normal range, but she was never too happy about the new food. During a recent illness she pretty much stopped eating altogether, and the vet suggested giving her back the Meow Mix just to get her to eat SOMETHING. Well, she's doing great now, but she doesn't want anything to do with the k-d food. I know the Meow Mix isn't doing her any good even though she loves it. Can anyone suggest another clinical kidney health food, or maybe even a standard food that would provide better proteins and preserve her kidneys. She's about 14-15 years old. -----Thanks.
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I would talk to your vet about trying the Purina CNM-NF-Formula Feline Veterinary Diet. I havn't had to use it (cross my fingers) but I hear that it tastes much better than most of the other RX foods.
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I know what you're going through. Our 17 year old, Kitty, has been on K/D for quite a while now and she really doesn't care for it either. She'll eat it because that's all she has as far as food. We do mix in small bits of hairball food from time to time as she likes that, but found she'd pretty much pick those pieces out. Now, I'll put 2 treats mixed in the food and she'll eat that first and then eat some of the K/D. Now that we've introduced a new cat to the household, I'm afraid Kitty will try to eat Lucky's food instead, so we may have to feed them in separate rooms.

Good Luck to you and your sweet girl. If I find out anything to help with your situation, I'll let you know.
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First I have to say I'm so sorry to hear about your kitty. My cat is 16 & also has CRF she was diagnosed a year ago this past November. She has been eating the Science Diet KD with out much fuss, but I give her a 1/4 cup of food on a plate add enough water to just cover the food & then warm it in the microwave. If your going to try warming the food make sure that it is not too hot before you let the cat eat it. I also know that Eukanuba (spelling?) makes a KD food because my vet let me try both brands to see which she would like better. They also both make a canned version of KD foods. Another thing to try is to check the lables on food, check with you vet & find out what things you want to minimize in the food & look around to find the best possible food. My cat refuses the canned food, but I wish she didn't because she has problems with constipation & the canned food can help reduce constipation. I hope that helps & I hope your kitty is doing well.
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My 11 year old cat Snowball was diagnosed with early kidney disease in October 2001. Since then he has been eating Science Diet K/D without any fuss.

You said your cat is 14 - 15 years old, and it's possible her sense of smell has become diminished. I agree with Rang_27's suggestion to try adding a little water to some food and warming it in the microwave. The warmed food will have a stronger smell and hopefully, your cat will be more willing to eat it.
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I was just wondering how things were going & if your kitty is eating any better?
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Our kitty has had kidney trouble for a while (she's approximately 14--we don't know for sure)--well over a year, anyway. We initially had her on Iams and tried the KD food; she wouldn't eat it at all. Our vet suggested Purina NF, and she likes that much better.

She went into acute renal failure in January, though, and although we've been able to get her levels closer to normal through bi-weekly sucbuctaneous fluids, she doesn't eat nearly as much as she used to and has lost a lot of weight. But I'd still recommend the NF food. Our vet also suggested sprinkling the food with a tiny bit of canned tuna juice (no actual tuna, of course), and that really makes her happy.
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My fussy cat is now 15. First said his kidneys were
packing up when he was 7! After a course of one weeks
worth of antibiotics he picked up. Blood test 2 years
ago showed his kidneys are failing, gave him the course
of antibiotics for a week and put him on Waltham
Feline Veterinary Diet Renal Support, chicken flavour,
sprinkle a few pieces of real cooked chicken in it
too and he eats it every night. He is still doing
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