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Mmm, dat good mommy

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Popsie likes beans so I just shared a tad of my bean burrito from TB. It had sourcream and cheese in it too which was a bonus for him. I'm such a sucker.
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That's so funny. So far, Sammie has absolutely no interest in people food, the only exceptions being hamburger...just plain hamburger, cooked, or the juice from same, and salmon.

I've offered shrimp, both raw and cooked, other fish, eggs, cheese, chicken, and she has no interest.

She always checks out my plate and just ignores.
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Monster wont eat people food at all, but he acts like he wants a taste, but if u try to share he will turn his nose up at it. he loves cream cheese though, & will lick it off your finger.
Mittens will eat anything, if you let her, but theres certain things i wont let her eat.
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Ahh Parker loves milk and cream cheese and trys to eat my ceral in the morning lol
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Trent used to not like people food at all, well not counting milk and whipped cream. Ever since we got Ginger and Mojo he will at least think about it, and actually ate some ham the other day! This is a BIG deal - he's been offered just about anything that's not bad for kitties in his 8 years, and this is the first time he's actually eaten any of it. The little girls are a bad influence on him!

Ophelia likes vegetable butter - the butter that's left on the plate after you're done eating the veggies. She also likes gravy.

Ginger is a ham whore. She will do anything for ham. She loves it.

Mojo is a piglet and will eat just about anything she can put in her mouth. And everything goes in her mouth. She's like a perpetual 2 year old child!
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