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Missys sore eye

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Missy has 1 really sore red weeping eye.

it's only come on past 2 days. I bathed it with salt water and the surronding skin of her eye is pinky looks sore and its weeping not as bad as it was.

Ollie used too suffer with this alot in one eye and bathing would take it down, its been really windy here past few days, i'm worried is their anything else I can do for now?

think she needs a trip to the vets. oh dear.
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April Joy had similar symptoms when she was a kitten. She has the feline herpes virus. I give her 1000 mg of lysine every day. That along with keeping her stress level to a minimum have resulted in beautiful, healthy eyes.

I mix 500 mg of lysine into her wet food in the morning and another 500 mg at night.

I'm not sure if this is what's causing your kitty's eye problems but the symptoms sound the same. Your vet should be able to tell. It takes about two weeks for the lysine to show results. April Joy also had an underlying eye infection (bacterial) and the vet prescribed Clavamox.
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A trip to the vet would be best. Your vet could put some drops in to stain the eye and make sure there isn't any abrasions on the eye itself and could check the eye lids.
It is possible that with all the wind (if your cat goes outside) that something blew up into her eye and she may have tried to rub it out.
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Her eye is simply awful green puss streaming from it, and all the isnide of her eye is red. i'm crying my heart out right now, i'm so scared finally taking her today vets have been packed maube after easter

oh im so scared, please send some vibes, shes sneezing more, and feels really hot.

COME ON MISSY please be okay.
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Hi Claire, haven't seen you for a long time!
I really hope Missy is ok Let us know how she gets on at the vet.
and a for you
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Vibes and prayers for Missy. Please keep us posted on how she is doing and what the vet says.
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Thanks so much everyone, Yes I haven't seen you in a long time too,
good to speak to you again!

The vet said she has an infection of some kind in her body she didn't have too much of a tempreture, and no fluid on lungs or anything.

My vet said other than little infection and a sore eye shes right as rain!

I have some pencillin twice daily, and eye ointment for the next 7days!

I felt really ill eariler, So nervous and worried about her, always scared of the worst

But shes happily eating and drinking still, seems active otherwise, shes asleep on me now again!

"Mummy can you stop that typing i'm trying to sleep"
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