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Can my cats get along with a dog?

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My husband and I have always wanted to adopt a dog but wasn't to sure because we have 3 cats..

Well, today my husband was asked if he knew of anyone who would want a pure bred blk lab service dog that is 6 yrs. old..
The woman who has her now cannot physically take care of her, clean up after her or even walk her anymore.. The elderly woman is also blind..

Will it just take time for my cats to get along with her or any dog?
I'm so worried to stress my babies out!
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Hi Fonzi --

Kudos to you for wanting to give such a lovely dog a forever home. I posted a similar question to yours a little while ago and got some very helpful responses. Here's a link to the thread:

Hope that helps!
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I have three cats also, not only that, but 1 BLIND cat! It took 1 day for Stuart to love Thor, 1 week for Enzo to tolerate Thor, and 1 month for Leya to stand being in the same area

I've had Thor since October and the cats all love him. They sleep with him, eat food with him (when he's a bad boy and eating cat food), and play with him. This morning I looked down to find 3 cats and a dog playing with yarn They are so funny!

I bet you money your cats will adjust very well within a month of having a dog in the home. Granted...the dog needs to be good with cats.

Good luck! I say go for it!
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Sounds like a good 'dog option' to me too... at 6 they won't be pestering the cats so much to play... and a service dog would theoretically be well behaved...
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Sorry, but I just have to show you these pictures!!!

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Aw, I want Thor
he he

Love the photos!

I am hoping she loves cats!
yeah, she might not really want to bother mine being she's 6yrs. old and trained!
My husband is going to see the dog on Saturday..

I'll will let you know then

Thanks again
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i'm sure that thid dog and your cats will learn to respect each other i had 4 cats and a dog and they all got along very well
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It will take time, but a service dog would be a wonderful choice as they are very well trained and quiet dogs. I'd take the opportunity and take the dog
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
It will take time, but a service dog would be a wonderful choice as they are very well trained and quiet dogs. I'd take the opportunity and take the dog
Totally agree. A service dog will be very well trained, and at 6 years old, well beyond the puppy stage where they can annoy your cats.

I live with 3 dogs and 11 cats. They all get along marvelously.
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You know how many times we were so close to adopting a dog?

I then change my mind when I start thinking of our 3 babies..

I worry they will change, get hurt etc..
Not sure if any of you remember, but when it comes to my 3 babies I don't care on how much it costs!
I only stopped running to vet for every little thing because of some of you here!
I waited a day and things were fine.. so, again, Thank You for that!
My Fonzi has food allergies and trust me, he is their # 1 patient
We don't go on vacations because I won't leave them alone.. Yes, I can with my mom or sister and I have twice , but stayed away for ONLY 3 days instead of 2 weeks!

Can you tell they are my everything? besides my husband of course
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So did you look at the dog yet? Will you take him home?
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I've got a blind cat & 2 deaf one. I have 2 big dogs of my own, one small foster dog, & have had many other big & small foster dogs. The cats do well with them.
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Hi i have a retired racing grehound and 3 cats and they all get along brilliantly.In fact when we recently got a young kitten she addopted her as her own!! my dog washes the cats sleeps with them and is really tollerant.I did keep a muzzle on her for a bit though just to be safe allthough it was only on for about an hr!!I say go for it!!
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In my opinion, Labs are THE best dog for a family with small animals. They are great dogs and VERY trainable. Your family will feel completed with such a wonderful dog.

Good luck! Keep us updated!

PS I had a lot of people tell me Chihuahua's don't get along with cats
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Maybe Thor doesn't know he's a Chi
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My dog loves cats! LOVES THEM! My first cat hated him at first but then they grew to be best friends. They were always chasing eachother in the yard. Nothing is funnier than a cat chasing a big dog. Nothing.

Then the cats I have now, Halo adores them. He tries to clean their butts, and he also protects them. If I yell at the cats for scratching he will gaurd them. Those are his babies!
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I have 6 cats and 4 dogs, and our first dog was a pure lab. I agree, labs are normally great with cats and other pets. The only time Snickers has chased the cats is when she is getting her lovins, and one of the cats starts to get to close to her "mommy". Then, it's just a fun chase with tail wagging (and I swear the cats do it on purpose!). Snickers will play with Monster (who is normally stones and doesn't play much...phenobarbital every night spaces her out) but she will lay their and wag her tail so Monster has something to play with. She is great with the cats!

It will take a little time for everyone to adjust, so I do recommend have a room that is off limits to the dog so your kitties will have some place to escape to so they can regroup. I have no doubt they will get along. Even if some of the cats don't become best friends with the pup, they will at least learn to live in the same house. And having him being a service dog and older, that will definitely help. Good luck, and post pics when you get him!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Maybe Thor doesn't know he's a Chi
Did I ever tell you I went to the vet and there were a couple dogs in the waiting room and Thor was calm and normal. Then he saw the office cat.....and was SOOOO excited

Fonzi: How did the meet up go?
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