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Ah spring

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The grass has started growing again, the dogwoods are blooming, it's almost 65 degrees F; and the outdoor enclosure is THE place to be with the tribe right now;

And, just for those who are keeping up, here is the latest picture of "baby" Freeway Carbuckety, hanging out with his partner in leisure, Trace Tumblebrutus

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That enclosure sure is a hit!

Awww Freeway! Trace and he look so cute together! I just wanna smoosh them!
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Yep! That's it. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I'm definitely coming back as a cat in your family! They've got it made in the shade there! That enclosure is sure a hit with them.
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Ooooooooh, I love that enclosure!

Beautiful kitties, great seeing them enjoy the fresh air!
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You have dogwoods in bloom? I'm jealous.

Look at the "baby"...
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Great pics
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Wow! Look at all those cuties!!!

You are so lucky you can see your grass! It'll probabally be July by the time my yard will look like that from all this snow we have! Okay, maybe not that late in the year, but it sure does seem like it!
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aww lovely!
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