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Our family is growing

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Well, I've posted this in the PL and I think I dropped it in the fatherhood thread. I'm a little over 4 weeks pregnant! Due Nov. 20th. We've told family already and close friends. I've got my first interview appointment tomorrow morning and my first prenatal appointment on the 4th. It happened very fast to... so fast that I'm still in disbelief except for the "morning" sickness. Which, by the way, has NOTHING to do with the time of day. Today for example I was fine until about 11:00 am... and I still feel yucky.

I'm a little worried about Wickett though. He's a very needy cat to begin with and he seems to be getting more demanding about attention at certain times. I hope he handles the new addition ok when the time comes. I plan on getting a Feliway refill the month I'm supposed to deliver and sometime toward the end I'll also start using baby shampoo and stuff on myself and have DH do the same so they are both used to the smells. Sounds are a different story. My BFF was here in Nov. with her 5 month old son and Frankie was indifferent to him even when he was screaming. She's a trooper like that. Wickett on the other hand hid under our bed until she and the baby were gone and a few times we had to go up and coax him out. He'll adjust I'm sure. We all will. I can't wait to see my belly grow! And rock it in a bikini this summer! For once I'm actually excited about that! What's nice is I managed to lose the weight I wanted to before we got pregnant and as of yet, no gain.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need some fresh air.
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Thats so exciting Congratulations!
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I'm so happy for you!!!Congratulations!!!
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Congratulations!! I am just over 8 weeks myself and due in the beginning of November! I hope the "morning" sickness passes and you can enjoy being pregnant!!

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That is so exciting!!!
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Congrats, Meaghan!!!
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That's great news, sorry about the morning sickness, as far as Wickett he can come here don't kill me
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Congratulations! I thought I saw that in the fatherhood thread. How exciting!!!
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Aww yay! Congrats!
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S'wonderful! Congratulations to you and dad and the kitty brother and sister!
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited for you!!!!!!


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That was pretty sneaky, casually mentioning that you are pregnant like that. Congratulations!
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Congrats!! How exciting!!
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Awww! Congrats! Hope the morning sickness lets up soon and if it doesn't, I hope it just not too bad.
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Congrats!! Such an exciting time for you and your family! Take pictures of the growing baby belly so we can see!! I love baby belly pictures and miss my table! (thats what I used mine for, a table, I would put my plate on it and eat off of it!! hehe) If your morning sickness doesn't go away they gave me something called zofran that disolved on your toungue so that I could eat! I lost 40lbs when I was pregnant with my 2nd child!
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Thanks everyone! I actually have my first appointment this morning in a little over and hour.

I'm sure the kitties will be fine and I would NEVER consider rehoming them because of this unless they become a threat to the baby after s/he is born and even then I'm not sure I could do it. I love them too much and they are my original kids... fortunately, DH feel the same way.

I've already started taking belly pics so I can have a record of how it grows over the next months. I think baby bellies are a really beautiful thing. Can't wait for mine to start growing.

The sickenss is odd. I feel really queasy when it hits but I can still eat and keep it down. The weird part is that when I eat and for about 20-30 minutes after I actually feel better?! I just hope it stays this managable and doesn't last too long. I really don't want to have to take meds for it and unless it causes a risk to the baby by me not gaining enough or even losing weight.

Thanks again everyone!
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OMGOMGOMG CONGRATS!!! You guys must be
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Congratulations!!!! How exciting!!
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Oh how wonderful!! Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Thats so exciting!!
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Oh, how exciting, congratulations, hope all goes well w/your appt. today!!
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Congratulations! How exciting!
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That was one of the longest nurse only appointments I've had! I love my hubby dearly. He wants to come whit me to every appointment if possible so he was with me this morning. I did find his limit though... he will NOT watch me have my blood drawn! LOL What a weenie! Everything else is cool except that.
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I am so happy for you Meaghan!!! Take Care of yourself and that new little one inside of you!
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