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They ATE Da Bird!

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Ok so finally I bought a Da Bird on ebay and had it shipped all the way over from the states.

The girls were overjoyed with their present, I've never seen them so animated by one toy.

Then, slowly, the destruction began.........
Roxy chewed one of the feathers and snapped it.......
Roxy chewed the string all the way through and we tied it back together.......
Yesterday, I turned my back for 2 seconds and the thing was in 2 pieces.

Feathers on one piece of string, and some string and a rod on the other side.
I'm sure there was some string missing too.

Then, I put it to one side to save any more destruction, go to the bathroom, come back and someone has stolen the feathers and chewed the remaining piece of string off of them too. Who ate the string!

Does anyone elses cats eaten da bird? I'm keeping a very close eye on the girls as I'm a bit worried about who's eaten a piece of string. It hasn't passed through yet.......
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I had a picture of what was left of the feathers after Jack mauled it, but i'll have to check my picture files at home.

Helen (Bella713) sent them the da bird and she's sent extra feathers as well which was brilliant because they love it. I've never left them with it on their own though just incase Jack bites through the string?.

I had to take the picture of what was left to show Helen and it was just a stump!!!
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I was so careful too - whenever we weren't playing with it I took it apart and stored it in their toy basket. Roxy must have had a good ol chew on it whenever she captured it!

I'm going to have to get another one as when I broke the news to Villy that Da Bird was Dastroyed she definately looked very disappointed.
Poor Villy!

Did Jack eat the feathers too or did you manage to get those away from him?

I have to be really careful with Roxy, I retrieved a really long piece of ribbon from her jaws the other week, goodness knows why she's NOW stated eating unsuitable things, at 10 months old!
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It's really important that you find out (expensive x-ray?) if the cat's eaten string - it can easily entangle in their intestines requiring emergency intervention. Never, ever leave string or elastic bands, etc. where they can get at them. Their tongues are barbed backward, so they must swallow what goes in. Keep a very close eye on your cat for a while to see if there are any repercussions. Our 65 lb dogs ate some small thin plastic cat toys lying around (we didn't realize it in time) and 2 yrs later(!) suddenly threw up a slew of $(*&#, amongst which were the remnants of the toys. It's a wonder they hadn't had much worse reactions til then, but for all I know they still have remnants inside (8 yrs later).
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Originally Posted by Jessy View Post
Did Jack eat the feathers too or did you manage to get those away from him?
He spat the feathers out. He's not too bad now because it was when he was teething and chewing anything in site, but he sliced through those feathers like a razor!
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Mine would eat it given half a chance. I keep it in a cupboard so they can't get it and when we play I don't really let Farley catch it, Ana and Demetri are trained to "give" but Farley won't, he'll chew it up

I have to get them from the US too, so try and make them last. Doesn't always work!
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I put Da Bird to bed after playtime. I tell Sammie, too. "Time for Da Bird to go to bed." And Da Bird goes into a closet.

Next time it's time to play, I ask if she wants Da Bird and she runs to the closet.

I never leave it out for chewing. Hope your kitties are ok.
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Here you go

Before Jack got his claws and teeth into it

And after!

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Yowch... poor Da Bird...
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Coco ate one and I didnt know until she threw the whole thing up in one piece. This was last year but she was ok because it all came up. She no longer is allowed those kind of toys.
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Rosie that's funny - poor da bird.

I know I'm REALLY worried about Roxy, as it was probably her. The pieces she ate won't have been very long, but still, it's string and could be dangerous. She's done two poops since, and no string. (I feel like a poo inspector, gross but necessary!) and she's still eating her food as per normal.

I wish she would just hurry up and pass it, IF she did eat it..... I haven't seen it anywhere, so she probably did.

DH has been told to keep a close eye on her too. I hate it that I have to work and can't be there to watch her.

She's eaten a stick before, that I didn't know about, I only know because it was sticking up out of her poop! That can't have been comfortable to pass!
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