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Daily Thread Thurs March 27th!

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Good morning my friends!

Its a balmy 0 degrees today Apparently we are getting 15cms of snow tonight though. Doesn't mother nature know its Spring now?

Not much happening today, just heading to work and then the gym.

Josh might be coming in 2 weeks for a little visit Not 100% sure though so I am trying not to get too excited (yeah right eh)

Have a great day folks!
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Hmmm.....I am unwelcomingly awake at 6AM. It's gonna be a long day with Damita's vet visit.

It was snowing last night when I went to bed.....hopefully there isn't too much on the road cuz I'm a sissy driving in the snow!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Josh might be coming in 2 weeks for a little visit Not 100% sure though
Awwww i hope he can

Another chilly day today. Housework night tonight, and i'm looking forward to the weekend
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Morning all ~

Not much going on here...Susan, I think I'm with you on the housechores tonight. The litterbox in particular. It smells bad!

Ooo and I just walked outside 1) We have mini daffidols in the front yard Spring is here and 2) Super nice outside, aside from being cloudy its perfect spring weather! I almost don't need a coat!
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Not much here. Work till 3, then going home and relaxing before doing the elliptical and watching America's Next Top Model. And trying to find a way to keep Namine from scratching in the early morning. Prob a light dinner tonight of eggs and toast because the boyfriend is closing at work.
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Morning All!!!!

A balmy -3 here this morning but looks like more snow oh yay

Heading off to work in a bit, tons of paperwork to get caught up on today.
After work heading off to see my sister in the hospital then just home I guess.

Put the fixing for Split Pea with Ham soup in the Crock pot so that dinner.
May stop by the bakery and pick up a nice loaf of crusty bread to go with it.

Kitties are good this morning, Sassy and Linus are napping and Pixie is sitting under my desk talking to my's a Pixie thing.
Everyone have a good day
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Just another morning here - we are supposed to get about 5" of snow today I wonder when spring is going to arrive? I'm tired of this cold!

Otherwise nothing new - I found my Grandparents foreign exchange student that they had back in 1990 on Facebook this morning, I do believe its her! I sent her an email to be sure, it would be so great if it was!

Hopefully her English is still well, because I can't find a Danish translation thing online thats very good This might be a challange afterall

Have a good one!
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Its a cloudy day today and cooler temps. Right now 30F (-1C). No precip forecase until Sat night.

Shoveled lots of the snowbanks several times yesterday so they are going down. About 80% of snow in yard is gone. But we have a bad ice build up behind my garden shed-I cannot think of opening the back slding door as the ice is about 3 inches or more thick.
Plus it faces north so nit much sun. I will work in chipping some away daily though.

Neil's jaw he states feels pretty good-his chin is still numb however. He ate lots of ice cream/bars and a smoothie yesterday.

Making a hamburger/rice hotdish tonite for supper however!!

Have annual hosta society meeting tonite.

Picking up the yarn I "won" on ebay this morning. What are the chances of buying something on ebay from a local person??

Ox is feeling better today-had a bit of a scare from him wearing the elizabethan collar and not being able to eat/drink properly. I think I can manage the ear ok now that its pretty clean.

All for today!!
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Originally Posted by Rosiemac View Post
Awwww i hope he can

Another chilly day today. Housework night tonight, and i'm looking forward to the weekend
Susan, I notice you always do housework during the week! Do you do that so the weekend is free and with a clean house? What a novel idea
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hiya everyone! today, i didn't really do much LOL! hope you all had a good day!
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