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Sugar Glider baby!

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I have a new baby in the house!!

I knew the female glider I adopted might be pregnant because we got her as a pair with a male and they were at breeding age... Well, she was! Her joey just came out of her pouch today. SO tiny and cute!
I don't know yet if it's a male or female because she was too nervous to let me touch it.
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That's awesome!!!!

I want pictures!!!
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Congratulations! Post some pics when you have them!
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Pictures please!
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I'm going to try to catch a time tonight when the mom is out of her sleeping pouch, and see if I can't sneak the baby out for a few minutes... I want to check the gender of the baby and weigh it, and hopefully take a photo or two!
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Niiiiiiiice!!!!! yes pics please
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Pics pleeeeease!!!!
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I got the joey out for a few minutes just now... SO adorable!
I am pretty sure it's a male. I tried to get a few photos but he was really squirmy (and noisy!) so this is the best I could get. I didn't want to keep him out too long so the mom wouldn't get upset.

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So cute.
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It's SOOOOOOO cute!!!!

My heart!
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Wow! That is so adorable!

And Congratulations to the new Mommy! She must be proud!
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Last night I was able to get some video of the little guy!

You can see it here:
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That is SOOOOOO cute! That video needs a definite cuteness warning!

He doesn't seem very happy at you though!
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No he was not too happy! I think part of it was the light in the room and being out in the open so I could film him, he'd rather be snuggled up in my closed hand.
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Wow, I have never heard of or seen such a creature!! How cute!
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awww hes so0o0o cute!!! i was just thinking the other day that i wanted a sugar glider, but i wouldnt get one cuz of the cats.... but... have u had any problems with the cats & the glider or are they never in contact? cuz if theres a way to work that out i just might get one when i have my own place!
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Well, my older cat shows no interest in the gliders. The kittens however are fascinated! I usually keep the sugar gliders' cage on a stand where the kittens cannot reach them, but they started stepping on a table next to the stand and then stepping on an alarm clock and peeking around the cage cover to watch them! However the gliders did not seem to mind, or at least they didn't seem stressed or make any of their distress calls.

Recently I had to move them for cleaning and they were in a spot where the cage was more accessible, and the kittens would sit on the cage cover on top, or sit in a chair near the cage. Again though the gliders didn't seem to mind! I caught the Maine Coon kitten playing basically "peekaboo" with one of them. She was on a chair outside the cage with her paws up on the cage right at the point where the cage cover stops on the front. The glider was clinging to the front of the cage and she would pop her head up above the cover so she and the kitten could see each other, then pop back down again (over and over!) I would have moved the kitten if it seemed like she was upsetting the glider, but if the glider was scared she could have done what they normally do which is retreat back to the pouch, but she just stayed clinging to the front of the cage!

I think if you cover the cage and make sure it is secure there will probably not be a problem. I found a website where you can make a no-sew cage cover that covers the back and sides which prevents the gliders from tossing food outside of the cage. I then added a cover on the lower part of the front of the cage, which they seem to like because it keeps that part of the cage more in darkness. I know some people keep their cats totally out of the room where their gliders are so that is another option. I couldn't do that because one of my kittens had to be kept separate from our new kitten and the only room where I could do that was also the only room where I can keep the sugar gliders...
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Congratulations on your new sugar glider baby!! Hes adorable!!
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Awwwwwwww!!!! That video of the joey is officially the most UN-intimidating thing I've ever seen! ROFL! He was born with attitude.

My breeding pair is almost old enough to breed, I'm SO excited! My girl is 5 months old and theboy is 4 months old. He's been trying to breed with her since he was just 12 weeks old! She just pins him and lets him know who's the boss!

So, I notice this thread hasn't been updated for a while. Where are new pics?!
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I need to take some new pics... I'll post them as soon as I do.
I can't remember if I mentioned it in this thread but I decided to name him Clover, after Cloverfield the movie... As a little baby his looks somehow reminded me of the monster in that movie, and plus he has his own little 'roar'! He is getting SO big now that when he's running around the cage at night sometimes I mistake him for his mom!
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Hey! I just realised that you're nearby me! Sweet!

If I start freaking out when my girl has joeys IP then you can come comfort me. I'm super excited cause my boy is a WFB mosaic/50% leu het and the girl is a WFB/100% leu het. They might have leus or mosaic babies so I'm going to practically explode with excitement when I find out she has joeys IP.
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BTW, I love the name Clover, that's SO cute! Your little one thinks he's a big bad monster, but doesn't realise he's just tiny and cute to us, heehee. I think when a glider crabs it just makes them cuter.
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Yeah they are so cute when they crab, especially the baby! Such a big noise out of a little tiny guy... I read that the director of Cloverfield that the monster was actually a baby itself so it kinda fits.
By the way, I am drooling over your possibly leu or mosaic babies! I've always wanted one of those but they are just SO expensive. Someday...
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Haha, I never knew that the monster was a baby. That's funny!

I used to drool, now I've got one of my own and am drolling about what their babies will look like, lol. My boy's mom is a platinum mosaic:

Isn't she a beauty?!

Maybe once my babes have babies of their own you can come by and see em. I'm always desperate for company since hubby works all day, lol. You could bring your babies along too!

By the way, if you're serious about wanting a mosaic then there's a breeder in Aurora( who has 2 females from sterile lines and boys from sterile lines are usually $750-$1000 and there's still a good chance they will produce, even though they some from sterile lines. You could definately look into it.
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Wow, she is gorgeous! I've never seen a platinum mosaic before.
I would love to come and see the babies! I have never seen any of the "unusual" colors in person, just in photos.
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There has only been one other glider(that I know of) that looks like her and that was her dad, Mac(her mom was a Lue named Cheese), but none of the other offspring from the Mac and Cheese line look like that. My boy looks like a WFB. He just has a white tip on his tail, a couple faint rings, and white feet. Oh yeah, and splotchy ears.

Here's the only full-body pic I have of him:

Here's my WFB/100% leu het girl, his mate: I gonna have to come over there and take pics of your baby cause I need a joey fix, lol
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Ok I snapped a few quick photos for you! They were all being really hyper because they were waiting for dinner so I didn't try to take him out of the cage for the photos...

Hanging around:

This is what happens when you jump forward as the camera is about to snap a photo:

Upside-down-look (so cute!):
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Awwwwwwwww.....he's all grown up. How old is he now(I'm too lazy to count back the days from your first post, lol)?

I like that pic of him right up in the camera, that's too cute.
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I know, it's scary how fast they grow! It seems like just yesterday he was so tiny... He is almost 8 weeks OOP.
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