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six is a crowd!.....

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This is my lot tonight trying to all fit on this chair, its a wonder it takes the weight, mind you there are x 2 cats missing ....normally it fits 8![IMG]http://home1.picturestage.com[]
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The chair looks well loved! Such a wonderful bunch you have. I always enjoy the pictures you post.
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Thank you, all i can say is thank heavens; for the digi camera would cost a small fortune; the amount of pictures I take in one day........
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What kind of cats are those - they are very pretty!!

Talk about stacks on the mill...
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Don't you just love dig. camera's?!! I love mine!
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Oh My Gosh! What a bunch you've got! They are all so pretty and quite exotic looking!
Thank you for sharing the lovely pic!
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That is a very full chair! They look like those kitten piles, before the kittens even open their eyes and they just pile on top of each other. So cute. Are your kitties siblings or just very close to each other?
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lol your cats are so amazing! Mine will only sit like that if I'M on the bottom, and even then they normally have fights over who gets to STAY on my lap.
We tried sitting on our lazy boy (my fiance and I) with all 3 cats once, it was a bit to much weight for it, so it tipped over and kinda broke =O
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That's adorable! Do they sit like that regularly? It almost looks like a Feline Family Portrait!

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That is such a great photo!

"You weren't planning on sitting here, were you, Mom?" (innocent blinking)

Mine do that on the bed, and are highly insulted when I actually expect them to move so I can get under the covers at night. The nerve of me!
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mad about cats - each time you post one of your kitty photos I'm amazed... I can't even get my ONE cat to sit where I want him to to get a picture sometimes. I don't think I believe you that you don't use velcro! :tounge2:
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and here I was impressed when 4 out of my 5 arrayed themselves on top of my PC monitors lol! What a cute cat-heap!

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Lucia - you also have beautiful babies!
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mad about cats, what a gorgeous bunch!
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Yes they all get on very well, all related and always sit together. They are Siamese and spotted orientals..
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what pretty kitties!!
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Great picture!

Can I say "Caption This"...? :tounge2:
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I love, love, love your photos! Cuddling kitties are the best!
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