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How rude!

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B is still unemployed. The other day he got a phone call for a job that he was more than qualified for according to the posting.

The interviewer asked when he left his last job. He stated September 2007 and told the reason why (job opportunity for me out here).

She then asked him what he's been doing since. His response was basically that he's been job searching since.

She then says "Well I see you have a lot of experience working with children. I'll pass your resume on to this other manager that is looking for someone. She might call you back".

I was super ticked off when he told me the rest of the story (only heard half of it) as well as him...actually more so him. I mean sheesh, I understand that in order for increase your chances in getting a job you need to have one first, however what about the unemployed?! I mean, did she think he was lying about me?
More than likely she was screening out people due to some policy so she could hire her friend...still some people interviewing don't deserve to be on that phone.

(PS, yes, he's even applied to places like Burger King and still can't get a call back)
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Doesn't surprise me. And the pool of applicants for jobs is sooo huge here in Michigan that any little thing can screen you out. If you haven't worked in say, 6 months, that is a black mark against you, no matter what. People automatically think something is wrong with you. Sigh....
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Ugh...I can't imagine living in Michigan looking for a job anymore. My parents (who are retired) both don't believe that the Michigan economy is a huge deal, mainly because my brother was lucky enough to find a job within a month. That's only because he's specialized in what he does. It took me a year and a half to find my last job there and I was working.

My mom tutors and hears the students get excited about the jobs they're offered. The funny part is....it's just because some guy supporting his family on $60K a year there lost his job so that the student could come in and work for $10/hr.

Anyhoo, thanks for letting me rant.
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