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Cuteness Warning

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Sophie's babies are 16 days old and they are starting to walk around and play with each other...
Roxie I believe will have blue eyes. They are the only eyes that glow red with a camera flash. She is just precious.

Harley my only little boy

Punky is getting so cute. I love the red strip she has on her forehead she also has a little white tip on her tail

Amelia is just precious she also stood walked and played before anyone else and she is the biggest baby

Hope you enjoyed my babies as much as I do.
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AWWWW. they are so beautiful.. I love punky. just my type. I can't wait for mine to get here.
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Thanks. I think my sister is going to adopt Punky. I'm not 100% though she has to talk her hubby into it first since they already have another cat.
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They are precious!!
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Very cute indeed!!
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SO cute
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Thanks everyone I love comments on my little ones. Look at this picture I found baby blue eyed kitties also have the red glow. I'm thinking Roxie is definatly going to have blue eyes.
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I figured more people would enjoy my babies.
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So adorable!

...but why is it every time I see super young kittens I always think of hamsters?
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Aw very cute. Your punky looks a lot like my chloe.
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they are adorable - I love watching them grow!!!!

And I cant wait to see more pics of Roxie when she's older!!!
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Seeing those sweet little babies makes me want another one!
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