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Cats and Secondhand smoke

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I get these little articles in my email from CatAge, and this one in particular caught my eye. The article is right on the the following page titled CatAge weekly Health Update: Take Cancer Risk Outdoors - March 25, 2008
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Thanks for sharing that. I used to live with a roommate who smoked- she smoked mostly in her own room, but of course the smoke seeped out occasionally. I hope Wally doesn't suffer ill effects from it.
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This is why (people and cats) they banned smoking from the show halls. When I first started showing, they allowed judges to smoke in the rings! I hated it to start - you wash your cat, have him/her nice and clean and come home and have to rewash the cat cause it stinks of smoking in the show hall!

A lot of cats that were from smoke free homes had allergy problems, breathing problems, etc. after being exposed to smoke that close.

I'm glad its banned. I still feel sorry for those cats that have to live in the smoke at home tho. And besides that, people can get up and leave the hall - but the cats have to sit in the cages and breath/smell it.
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Helen that's an excellent article that you've posted

I know it must be difficult to give up smoking, but the poor cats
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If anyone has any links to longer articles about secondhand smoke risk to pets, can you please post them? I want to print them out for a family member who smokes... I've been trying to convince her to quit or at least to smoke outside... Maybe that will help.
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second hand smoke can also make liver and kidney issues worse.... My girls breathing issues are slowly going away since the smoker passed
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B smokes and I remember one day Patches exhaled on me and I could just smell that stale burnt smell on her breath.

I keep B's smoking limited to one room, however occassionally it does leak out.

Please remember though you can't convince anyone to quit, that's something that they have to determine for themselves. Just slip the article under the door and not say another word...
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My husband & I are non smokers but our 3 sons smoke, unfortunately. They have had to smoke outside because I won't allow them to smoke inside.
I've heard the same being said about dogs. I tell my son to put his dog outside when he smokes in the garage.
I can tell if they leave the back door open & I'm in the front of the house. The smoke travels right through the house.
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Coming home from shows and having your cat smell would be nasty! I sometimes have problems getting the smell out of my own hair when I've been around smokers, even if we're all outside.

Most of the pet information I've read on second hand smoke and toxins/chemical sensitives has been about birds since they're closer to reptiles sensitivity wise (people ask on reptile forums) but no matter what kind of pet it is - they shouldn't be forced to breath in harmful toxins.
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Great post Helen!

Even when I smoked, I smoked outside because i didn't want to expose Riley to it.
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