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Elizabeth Smart FOUND!!!

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The young teenaged girl, Elizabeth Smart who was kidnapped from her home last summer has been found, alive and in good physical condition, in a Salt Lake City Suburb! News conference in about 90 minutes should give more details.

Thank whatever Higher Force you believe in!! This is simply incredible....I'm all teary just writing this!
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OMG! That is wonderful news...about time we had some, too. I bet her parents are overwhelmed and beyond joy and relief...

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Wow! That's amazing. I'm so happy for her, her family, her friends...all I can say is wow. Thanks for posting this, I'm going to go watch the news...
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OMG i just turned the telly to CNN! that is truly wonderful news! i have goosebumps now! wow!
i agree, theres a higher force at work!
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some more info:

ksl.com. I can't get in there right now but my friend can and she said it has some good info. I'd imagine they are just flooded right now.
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Another link, this one to the breaking story on Foxnews.com
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Yep- watching it unfold here on television. I can't imagine what this little girl has endured but at least she is has been found now and the recovery can begin. I know a lot of people have been in prayer over this around here and around the country.
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Another link that will be updated as details become available...

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I've been watching the news as this unfolds. I am so happy for this little girl and her family. There truly are miracles.

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:
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Amazing! I'm sure her parents are so thrilled... must go find the news on tv now...
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There will be a news conference on CNN at 7 PM.
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That is really amazing. Her family must be overwhelmed. I'm sure she'll need some therapy to help her cope, but at least she is alive and back with her family.
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just amazing! it is so rare that these stories have a happy ending. thank the lord.
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Thank God. It's so seldom that missing children or teens are found alive. Her parents must be overwhelmed with joy!
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Thank God!!!! Her family must be overjoyed!
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Considering that the FBI says that children and teens not found in the first few hours after disappearance have a slim to none chance of being found alive, this is truly a miracle. Her parents must be so happy that they don't know what to do now!
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So fantastic to hear "good" news on the news. Truly a miracle in a time when we need them so badly.
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I do not know how reliable this info is, but I heard somewhere that they had spoken to this guy's family members and they said he was very religious, (a weirdo fanatic) and probably did not physically molest or harm her. It may have been a case of thinking he was saving her from something. I truly hope that was the case, and he was not some pervert doing unspeakable things to the poor child.
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Rebecca, I read that he is a self-proclaimed "prophet" to homeless people.
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my hubby told me when he got home. that is just so amazing!
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wow, just unbelievable.

i'm quite curious to hear her story.
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That is so wonderful for her and her family and all those who were involved in the search. Her parents can sleep in peace tonight, thank God.
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I'm so relieved about this. It makes you wonder though, to what extent did they kept her confined if she never successfully got away or left any "clues" as to her where-abouts? That poor girl, being how they are, I'm wondering if they tried to brainwash her (I'm probably just letting my imagination run wild). She has a lot of healing and catching up to do but it's so great that she's home, truly a mirracle.
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I just got finished reading an update... the dad, in the first interview since they were reunited says "I can tell that she'd been completely brainwashed" (that's not exactly word-for-word, but close). And the man is a religious fanatic who claims to be in touch with angels and considers it his mission to preach to the homeless.

Extremely creepily, the woman's daughter says that she left because the couple constantly prayed and expected her to do the same, AND the amount of physical contact that Mitchell (not her father) gave her seemed too much, although she said he didn't molest her. Also, she said that Smart looks like she (the daughter) did at that age.
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This poor girl, the details are coming out of the hell she endured! I do hope her parents are seeking professional advice in helping her deal with being chained to a tree and being raped!

Once she has to start testifying, the parents hold on their denial will fade quickly and they also will need professional advice so they can deal with it.
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what! she was tied to a tree and raped? OMG thats disgusting!
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Why would someone release details like that? It's bad enough to have heard that her kidnappers were charged with sexual assault...Now we have to know EXACTLY what happened? How does that help the case and her healing? The poor girl. I pray she'll be able to recover from this ordeal, both before and after her return.
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Good heavens, makes me want to lock my baby in the closet. And my furbaby too, as I just watched an ep of "EV" where they sewed up the tongue of a kitty tortured by someone who broke into a house. Is the world worse than it used to be, or is the news more widespread?

At least she's back with family, god bless her soul. So many of these poor kids end up in a ditch.
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What is almost as bad is the rape from the media. They say that the Smarts have had over 30 offers from television stations to tell Elizibeth's story! For cripes sake, the girl hasn't even been able to tell one portion of what happened yet, and hollywood is clamoring for the rights to the whole ordeal?
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Originally posted by hissy
What is almost as bad is the rape from the media. They say that the Smarts have had over 30 offers from television stations to tell Elizibeth's story! For cripes sake, the girl hasn't even been able to tell one portion of what happened yet, and hollywood is clamoring for the rights to the whole ordeal?
In Canada a horrible case of media rape has been going on for the last long while. The story involves a husband and wife team (Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka) who tortured and killed 2 school age girls (Kristen French & Leslie Mahaffy).

Now, many years later a book comes out to rehash the whole tragic event again. My heart totally goes out the families of these victims who have to live through the horror everytime something like this happens. What is the morbid need to know every detail of the murder and why publish a new book? Let the families pick up the pieces of their lives and start a future for themselves.

New Book Published
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