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Lawn Fertilizer

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Almost every day (depending on the weather) Oliver likes to get in his harness and get clipped to the dog tie in the backyard to sunbathe and graze for about an hour - well we put some fertilizer on the lawn yesterday so I'm making him stay inside.... well he's driving me crazy begging to go outside! How long should I keep him cooped up until it's ok for him to be in the grass again? We put it on the entire lawn, so there's nowhere else to tie him out either... I feel so bad keeping him in!
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I don't know - maybe call your vet and ask. What does the package say about safety?

IMO I'd not let him eat any of the grass with it being treated. If you want grass, plant some inside for him to nibble on.

Cats are probably a lot more sensitive about lawn chemicals and the fact that they wash themselves (feet included) - I'd not want him on the grass anyway.
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He does have grass inside, he just dies to be outside in the sun - grazing is a bonus haha

I'll have to find the package...
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I would wait until the treatment has dried and has been thoroughly soaked again, either via the sky or the hose...

Just to break down the chemicals more.
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It's supposed to rain today and tomorrow so that will help... I still haven't gotten out to the garage to look at the bag... I'll get there though
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Well the bag just says to keep kids and pets away during application... I'm gonna wait a few more days and let it rain more too - he's being SUCH a pain beggin to go out though!!
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this is why I use organic ... it is a micro granule and any amount of moisture will dissolve it ...
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He went out today with no problems - can't see the fertilizer in the grass anymore and there was no containing him any longer! He kept trying to sneak out any open door... it's gonna rain again tomorrow, so he'll be in and it'll get even more washed into the lawn
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