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Our wedding venue

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I haven't been online in ages as our laptop broke at home! I actually have a spare few minutes in work and I couldn't resist showing you guys the place we have provisionally booked for May 2009:

I was a bit hesitant as it's pricey but doing the maths we can just about afford it. I'm so excited!!!
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Oooo...what a gorgeous spot. Getting married at a castle in Ireland...I'm so jealous!
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Thats so gorgeous!
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It's gorgeous! It looks just perfect for a wedding.
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Oh my, it looks enchantingly beautiful!!
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Oh my goodness, that looks truly amazing!!!
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I'm jealous....congrats
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Oooooh that's gorgeous!!!! I love castles, and i've booked dinner and an overnight stay for family and close friends at "Lumley Castle" near me for my birthday in october. It's cost a fortune, but it's what i've always wanted to do
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That is gorgeous!
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Gorgeous! Here it is at night!
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OMG, that is gorgeous!! Talk about a fairy tale wedding! I love it!! (in case you couldn't tell...)

Congrats, it's perfect.
post #12 of 13 are so lucky and I envy you! If I ever got married I would love for it to be in a castle with colonial clothing. I have always wanted something different.

You will enjoy it and it will be something you can always remember.
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it's gorgeous!
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