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Poppy and Jovi

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this part of the forum is far too busy and sadly i have 2 more stories to tell.

i met Poppy the shitzu about 9 years ago when her owner rang me to get poppy and her sister daisy groomed. this family and their 3 dogs and 9 cats became part of my family. i have groomed the dogs and house-sat for them many, many times.

poppy was the sweetest little mop ever. when you picked her up she would cuddle into you, she loved to be held. she was great friends with my rb lurcher leo too. the family looked after leo for a year while i was having housing issues. they told me that when they took the dogs up to their daughters house (she had acres of land) poppy and leo would wander off together exploring. cyndy said they were like an old married couple the way they stuck together.

poppy made you love her, you just couldn't help it. she snored like a little pig and bopped you on the nose if you stopped stroking her.

poppy started being sick a week ago saturday. this saturday gone i arrived at cyndys and she told me that she had taken poppy to the vets and they had kept her in for x-rays.

we waited for a call and then tried ringing but got no answer. i said to cyndy lets go down and see whats happening. when we arrived the vet said he had given her a barium meal but it wasn't draining away quickly enough. he wanted to do another x-ray. we saw poppy and gave her kisses and cuddles. the vet said it was nothing to worry about. with the results of the x-ray he said there was something in her tummy. he was admanant it was a foreign body. cyndy asked if it could be a tumour and he said it was unlikely. he wanted to open her up and see.

we left her there and went back to cyndys. the call came through about 3 hours later. she had a tumour and it was inoperable. she would suffer but there was nothing that could be done. cyndy had to make the decision to say goodby to her shadow, her best friend who loved her mummy more than anyone on this earth.

it was one of the most shocking things i have experienced to see the pain that cyndy was in. we were all so sure poppy would be coming home.

poppy watch over your mummy, she is missing you so terribly, we all are. RIP little girl, give leo a big kiss from me and go find your friend petra.

i have groomed jovi the airedale for over 10 years. he was a rescue dog and came with problems that many people would have found too hard to live with. his owners gave that dog a secure, loving home. allowed him to be the big, soppy fool that only they truly knew.

approximately every 6 - 8 weeks, i would go to their house and give jovi a haircut. he would never look happy to see me, but would always stand beautifully on the table, allowing me to scissor him. he was eternally patient, never difficult, well, apart from resting his chin on his chest when i wanted to trim his beard. but even that was i think, just his way of saying 'come on, i've had enough now!' i always did his face last and he knew what was coming then. i would fill my pockets with dog biscuits before i left to groom jovi. once he was finished he would bounce around with glee before sitting eagerly infront of me, waiting for his biscuits.

i groomed him 2 weeks before he died. he looked amazing, but his body was failing him. he was put to sleep on the 14th march after fighting bowel cancer for over a year.

RIP my funny, furry friend.
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Rest in Peace Poppy and Jovi

Poppys mum is very lucky to have such a supportive friend as you
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Oh how sad, the poor babies They sound so sweet as well

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I'm so sorry to hear these sad stories. Rest in Peace Poppy and Jovi.
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RIP Poppy and Jovi
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