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Foxy is kind of a foster at the moment till her owner hopefully recovers from a stroke. She is pregnant about 8 weeks gone, she has a bad URI on antibiotics and eye cream. she is eating small amounts of wet kitten food not drinking a lot but hopfully she is getting enough from her food ( been adding a bit to her food aswell.
The vet said that foxy may still abort the kittens.
What i failed to ask was if she goes into labour will she be ok? her breathing isnt to good at the moment as her nose is blocked and she has to breath out of her mouth ( vet said as long as her gums and tounge stay pink and not bluish all should be ok) But will she manage labour if she is still feeling the way she is?
One last thing if the kittens survie will they get the URI aswell? and can they be treated from birth for it?
Thanks for any advice.
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I'm not sure about if the URI can be given to the kittens or what to do about it. I'd ask your vet those questions and see what may or may not happen. IMO if the kittens come down with URI when born, they probably will not survive as they would only be a few days old and not sure if medicine can be given to them as newborns.
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antibiotics can be given to new born kittens. i had a kitten with bad upper resp. when he was 2 days old. his mom kicked him out the nest in the middle of the night and when i found him he was already half frozen. i took him to the vet and he gave antibiotics. but since he was so young he only got a drop. the mom wouldnt take him anymore and i had to raise him myself. today he is a healthy big 8 year old cat and doing just fine.
so even if your kittens will be sick they can survive. as for the mother u might want to put a humidifier in the room shes in to help clear her nose up a little. i been through it. if u have any more questions just PM me anytime.
best of luck.
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Thank you both for the advice. I'm a bit recluntint to ask my vet about the kittens health once their born as he did try and get me to abort them even when i brought her back in y/day he still carried on at me about the abortion, i said i felt se was to far along to abort and she isnt my cat to abort the kittens and i can not ask the owner if she would do this, plus with her being ill i thought it was a bit weird saying he could do it while she was so ill (wouldnt this make her worse?)
Thats when he said "Well foxy could still abort the kittens herself anyway only time will tell"
He is a great vet but not when it comes to pregnant cats (they do have a sign in there vets saying "if your dog comes in pregnant your pet will no longer be treated at this clinic" So i take it its kind of the same thing for cats Which i 100% agree with spaying and neutering(all mine are done). i could phone up another vet office and ask though couldnt i?
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i dont know what kind of vet that is but i dont think its right to refuse to treat pregnant dogs. i would call a different vet since i think this one wont give u the correct answer. well he might but i dont know. better safe then sorry. and a call to a different vet wont cost u anything but your time.
i can also ask my husband when he gets home from work. he works at the best vet clinic in town.
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well this is the second vet i'v been with, the first i left due to a spay that was ment to happen with my cat fluffy , turned out he opened her up but had to tend to a emergancy case that came in so she was closed up without the spay being done, i wasnt told this untill they relised some months later gave me a phone call and told me i was ment to be told she hadnt had her spayed, her notes got mixed up with another female cat who was spayed(her owners thought the cat wasnt spayed so when she came back in to be spade found out she already had been. long story lol.
But i think i will phone a different vet in the morning.
And thank you cat women for asking your husband when he comes home, the more i know the better.
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