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What Breed is Bear??

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So heres a poll of all the Breeds I think Bear may be ((of course we'll never know for sure but its still fun to guess))... I want your guys guesses!!
All ideas welcome!!


*If you need a better Pic ((Different Angle, Closer View, Etc.))... I can provide one!
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Hey this is fun.
Can I get a pic of her from the side (like in a "show stack") and also a weight?
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My vote is for Pomeranian/Chihuahua... I can definitely see both breeds in him.
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From Ears to Toes (Vertical)- 19"
From Back to Toes (Vertical)- 12"
From Head to Tail (Horizontal)- 29"

He Weighs about 20-25lb ((King Weighs more than him ))

These are the best pics I could get of him ((he wouldnt stand still))...

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I see a corgi in there somewhere, lol

He's adorable!
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He's a corgi SOMETHING!!!! I can't decide what the other mix is though. I'm thinking Chi or Pom is too small to be the other mix. Maybe a distance mix....... I don't know!!!
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spitz /corgi
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Thanks! I went for Corgi/Pom.
The snout and ears look Corgi, the tail is Pom.
And at 20-25 lbs I would think ther wouldn't be any Chi in there.
Schipperkes are black and often (not always) the black coat will be dominant in a mixed breed.
I'm curious to find out what Bear is! He looks like a ton of fun!
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Was gonna pick the Chi/Pom cross but looked too big for both breeds. So I went with the Corgi/Pom (tail) cross as it fits more with the size/weight given.

Chi/Pom would be under 10 lbs.
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i think chi/pom/corgi....
theres something else too!
but what i couldnt say which is gonna wind me up till i get it!
im really good at these when were out walking show me a mutt and i can normally pick it apart in to what breeds are there!
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I see Pom in him.
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I see the possibility of:
Shiba Inu
Other Spitz breed
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I think:

corgi/shiba inu
cattle dog/shiba inu
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I just looked up Shiba Inu... and yea it does fit!.. but we still dont know.

As for the Spitz.. I was showing it to my mom and she thought it looked to big to be Bear BUT a couple yrs ago I adopted a Dachshund/Lab Mix that could fit in a Tea Cup... so its possible he was mixed with something Small and Large and came out Small.

Hmmm... I wonder.. Its that Curly Tail that keeps throwing me off cuz a Pomeranian doesnt really have a Curly Tail.. it lays more flat on its back than it does Curl... But who knows.

Ohh.. this is a Shiba Inu/Chihuahua Mix.. Resemblance to Bear?:
And this is a Shiba Inu/Corgi Mix and it sorta looks like Bear but this dogs Snout is just a lil to thick:

I can usually figure these things out easily too.. but I think hes mixed with somethings ive never seen in person and or owned before ((E.I. Shiba Inu, Spitz, Skipperke Etc.)).. so that makes it more difficult.
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You might want to check out the American Eskimo Dog. I could see that being in Bear's lineage.
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Originally Posted by Plebayo View Post
I think:

corgi/shiba inu
Hey good thinking!!!!

That's my guess too!
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Originally Posted by EnzoLeya View Post
Hey good thinking!!!!

That's my guess too!
Hehe.. Heres what a Shiba Inu/Corgi Mix looks like:
it sorta looks like Bear but this dogs Snout is just a lil to thick.


Maybe American Eskimo.. hmm.
What about:
Vallhund Mix (instead of Corgi)
Norwegian Buhund
Basenji (doubting it though)

Just throwing breeds out.. anyone agree on any of those??
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I see corgi, terrier of some sort and Pomeranian. Whatever he is, he's a doll!
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Hmm.. so we all agree to Corgi Mix?? lol I guess ill go with that

So Ive got more pics of him!!..
We've been using a Baby Gate to separate him from the cats while still letting them get use to each other...

Bears so silly!...

Jack and Bear... Jack is ok with Bear as long as Bear is behind the fence or next to me ((look how big Jack is getting!! ))...

Jack walking away all annoyed by Bear...

Bear playing fetch with his fave Beanie Baby of all my Beanie Babies ((ive decided to let him have it ))...

I had some really cool shots of Kings reaction to Bear sitting 3ft away from him and a pic of Bear and Bonnie together but they disappeared!!.. im so mad that I cant find them anywhere!
Pinky does not like Bear.. its a good thing Bear is semi afraid of cats and Pinky is to lazy to jump the Baby Gates .
We got him a new Collar today! its real nice, Sky Blue in Color and made oddly o_0.. its adjustable but its built like a Choker Collar .. minus the Choking Part.. weird. Now all we need are new Tags for Bear and Bonnie ((to match the new address)), I guess Bear has been known to run off when off the leash (his old owner told me this)... but I think he'd come to me if I called him.
Also.. I get up an average of 4 times a night to let Bear out... only cuz he insist I wake up to let him go out. He either jumps on me every time I move or bangs the door till I get up... hes lucky I love him
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my tags don't have my address - just the cat's name, my home & cell numbers & a message saying 'if you see me outside, i am lost - reward".
he's a really cute dog - i think corgi/shiba inu is closest. snout could be smaller on Bear just because he got a slightly different mix of genes than the pic you referenced.
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So my mom decided today that it was best for Bear to go back to his old owners ((they asked to have him returned if he ever needed to be givin away))...
I miss him so much.. we were having issues with him Marking his Territory in the house... poor lil guy we dont really know how to handle something like that. I just feel so bad for giving him back... I would have kept him but my mom didnt agree. I was gonna have him fixed within the next few months but that would have taken to long. ... I miss him so much already
I figured id let you guys know.
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How 'bout Corgi x Pug???

His butt definitely looks pug-ish

Either that or part pig
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Originally Posted by Marianjela View Post
How 'bout Corgi x Pug???

His butt definitely looks pug-ish

Either that or part pig
OK - so his nose is too long to be part Pug, but you got love that tail!!!!

Check out

If you go to the "Hybrid" section you will find several breeds of Corgis mixed with something. The closest I found was what they call a Corillon, Papillon father/Corgi mother

The dog shown is just a pup so beware of the cuteness warning!
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This is crazy! I saw this site on google and was looking for dogs who looked like mine bc a lot of ppl say they've never heard of this mix. Well, "Bear" is to a "T" exactly like my dog Mia. I wouldve thought this was my dog in the picture. And I know for sure that she is a shiba/Chi mix...So theres your answer! hope this helps

PS: I was hoping to add a pic but for some reason it wont let me If you'd like some pics so you can say, "omg" PM me. Im happy to see that theres another dog like mine(Not that I thought there wasnt, but Ive looked for so long!) Its such a unique mix!!

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Originally Posted by Vixen16 View Post
((of course we'll never know for sure but its still fun to guess))..
They do mutt-testing now!!! I believe it is around $50-100 in the states and they will tell you exactly that the make up of your dog is .

It was on Martha...

Edit: sorry missed the entire second page, sorry that you had to find a new home for bear!
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Our dogs are so alike it's scary! I thought I was looking at a picture of my dog when I searched buhund mix, then I realized the only differance between our dogs is the sex! This post is not letting insert a photo but if you would like to compare pictures and are interested please send me a PM. I'll send you a picture then. Our dogs look identical. They could be from the same litter. Sorry for my emphasis and excitement. I just never saw a dog like mine before. I hope to hear from you.

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I'm so sorry that happened! (((((((((BIG HUG)))))))))))
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I would deff say corgi cause of the legs but maybe corgi pom or corgi, pom and chi.
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Chihuahua/Corgi with maybe some Schipperke
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Chihuahua/Shiba it is

I have one and they look identical.. it is scary
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