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wake up mommy!

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well my baby girl Sabrina (ok she'll be 2 in july)...decided I needed to get up at 5:10 am this morning...
she jumped on the bed...purred...
then she has this warbling meow when she's purring at the same time...
then when I didn't respond...
she started to lick my nose!
silly kitty..

I didn't really want to get up 20 minutes early...

but I did
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Amazing what we'll do for a sweet furry little face isn't it?
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last week patchy decided she needed fed at 3am. thankfully it was mom she woke up, not me hehe
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My recently adopted cats have gotten used to me getting up at a certain time on work days, so when it gets to that time, they start meowing and scratching at my bedroom door, even if it is the weekend and I don't have to get up that early
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These past few weeks, Arwen has been let loose upstairs by my sister just after 7am, and the occasional morning after 6am, and she will sit outside my bedroom door and meow her heart out until I crawl out of bed to open the door for her...after that I crawl back to bed, and she will wait until I have settled down before jumping on me. Annoying, yet cute
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Portia and Diesel would have found themselves across the otherside of the room if they tried that trick

Portia often wants to give me kisses early in the morning, but luckily she responds to "Bugger Off!" and promptly moves to the end of the bed till I'm ready!
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