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Buddy has taken company hostage!

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Looks sweet doesn't he?
Let me tell you, Buddy needs to get knocked down a few notchs.
First Attack Cleaning lady; second attack Cable guy, the list grows and grows.

Last weekend my parents stopped by, we were in the backyard when we heard my mom screaming for help. Buddy had taken post at the bathroom door and blocked her in there. Hissing and growling at her!
Tonight my sister-in-law is over and buddy curls up with her and lies down. Later she has to go to the bathroom and guess who trapped her in the bathroom?

That's right .

Then Buddy got to go to little kitty jail the remainder of the evening

Why does Buddy do this? I had to print up a beware of cat sign and post it in the house.
How can I correct this behaviour. I understand he feels he is protecting us. When my hubby and I are in sight he is ok?
3 yrs old, neutered black male.
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When I was a kid we took in a Himalayan who wouldn't come out of our bathroom, and he would attack anoyone who got too near him. Needless to say we had to return him to the previous owner.

Anyway, I have no idea what could be wrong. Is his litterbox in said bathroom? Is it only after people use the bathroom? Maybe with a little bit more info someone else who knows more about this than I do can post advice.
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It is usually in the bathroom. His litter isn't in the bathroom, his water dish is in the tub (per his request to spill water any where else in the house except the tub)
It has been at the computer and kitchen and other places. I know he is protecting us, but frightning our friends.
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Look at the bright side - this is better than a guard dog should you have burglars

Seriously, this problem needs to be addressed. Could you please read this article and let me know what you think -

Which type of aggression would you say he was presenting.
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Thanks for the link. The closest I would say is redirected aggression. It however only happens with company.

He has been window watching and when he see's the person get up, and our back is turned he takes his oppertunity to strike, he sets post ourside the bathroom, ready for attack.

I sould clarify, that he hisses and growls has never bitten. He did however cling to the cleaning ladys leg.

When he see's a cable van (they are red around here) he goes nuts running around the house, hissing and growling. My husband has to walk him around like a baby.

The attacks don't happen alot as we do not have alot of company over.

Is it possible he is sleep deprived. He spents ALOT of time window watching. He does a stake out of the house.
Sits at the front door (north), moves to east side, then south , then west, then back to north. We laugh at him, saying he takes his post. I have tried to reduce his window watching, but it also reducing our sunlight intake.

WE are going on vacation this summer and i am not sure what we will do with buddy.
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You know, he could have a rare seizure type disorder. You may want to talk to your vet about prozac for a little while. It sounds like something is triggering an attack.
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