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Kitty Alzheimers???

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We have a spayed female who is now about 10 years old. She survived our move of over 500 miles in mid-1999 with no behavior problems, and even seemed to be adjusting to the addition of a puppy in the family. When the puppy left us (returned to the SPCA because of behavior problems of his own), the cat's behavior took a sudden turn for the worse.

Our first analysis was to take a humorous approach - she was afraid that whatever happened to the dog was going to happen to her - but increasingly I'm wondering if she is starting down the road to feline dementia? Has anybody experienced this?

Here's how she is slowly driving me and my husband crazy, if nothing else. Yowling (as if for missing kittens, which she never had) when she is in an otherwise deserted part of he house, any time of day or night. Running inside to grab a few mouthfuls of food then demanding to go outside again immediately. If she isn't let out, the yowling sound mentioned above starts, as she stares you into letting her out. We toughed that one through and she seemed to begin normalling out, but if anything disturbs her while eating she runs outside and starts all over again. She rarely interacts socially with any family member any more unless we happen to be sitting somewhere she thinks she might like to be. This has led my kid to start wishing for a kitten that will behave like a 'normal' cat. Other odd behaviors include doing her business in the middle of our lawn - no dirt for 20 feet on either side.

Any insights are appreciated. What would bringing a kitten into the house result in, for instance.
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Welcome to the forums Deb!

This is a tough one. I think you may want to consult a vet to rule out hyperthyroidism or other medical conditions that may affect her behavior. Check out this thread for more info about hyperthyroidism and tell me if you think that might be the trouble. She is the right age for it.


If the vet says she's fine, you might need to consult a cat behaviorist. This is not an easy one. The cat sounds stressed and I'm not sure bringing a kitten in right now would be good for her.
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