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Food options?

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Hi! I’m new to this site. Found you guys while trying to find information on Revolution for my cats. In reading through your boards I see that talking to experienced cat owners along with your vet can be very beneficial… especially for an over protective mom like me =).

So my question is this. I have two cats (soon to be three as soon I convinced my boyfriend to keep the stray we’ve been housing in our spare bedroom). Both cats are very different. One is like a tanking horse. Fat, thick, strong, beautiful shiny fur, he never been sick, just an all around healthy baby. Now my other cat is thin, dull fur, boney, just sick looking. When we first got Busgy (the skinny guy) we fed him eukanuba chicken formula to which he would vomit almost every time he ate. He days consisted of eating, vomiting, eating, vomiting. So we switched them (I free feed my cats) to Royal canine gastro-something. He vomits no more! And has gained weight!

Now my tanking healthy cat has diarrhea! So before I go and spent too much money on these cats (this stray has drained me of most of my pay check) has anyone had a sensitive bellied cat? And what did you feed them? I don’t mind buying the more expensive type food that’s not an issue, I just want a good food sans the vomiting and diarrhea without spending hundreds of dollars experimenting.


P.S this site is great!
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you may have need to talk to the vet ??? are both cats eating the RX formula??

My guess is try a chicken and rice food .. ie one without corn , wheat , fish

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