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New House!!!!

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So were Moving!! My mom wants to try and get us into the new house by Saturday. It is so big and really nice!! The add said 4BRs but there are actually 3 full ((2 are HUGE!)) Bedrooms and a lil sitting room you can turn into a room/guest room.
Its a 2 Story house with Big rooms!! a decent yard, theres a privacy Fence going around the whole yard except the front.. but it wont keep the Dogs in.
The add said Garage but its actually a Huge shed you can put a Car in. The Schools and Stores are within walking distance ((which I like)) and we have neighbors!! lol
Ok here are some of the best pics I could get of the House!!
Heres the front of the House...

Living Room (downstairs)...

a small dining room (downstairs)(bathroom to the left, laundry room to the right and the kitchen would be to the far left and the front door would be to the far right)...

smallest room (downstairs)...

Bathroom (downstairs)...

Spare room/Stairs (upstairs)...

Bonnie in largest room (upstairs)...

My room (upstairs)...

My room closet (upstairs)....

I couldnt get a pic of the kitchen cause there were other people who were looking at the house in it.. and I didnt want to be rude. But it is a nice size kitchen!!
Dont worry we beat the other people to the house... thank goodness for cell phones!! . Where driving up to pay the deposit/get the key and start moving stuff into the house tomorrow!!!
The only ketch about this house is we have to buy or own fridge, oven, washer and dryer.. lol we already have the washer and dryer.
Oh and theres a Laundry room (where we put our washer and dryer) you can se to the right in the Dining room pic.
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when i got my 1st teaching job, i rented a little [teeny!] house that needed all the appliances... i never got a stove/oven tho. i had a couple of hot plates, a microwave, & a deep fat fryer, & that was all i needed! my landlady couldn't believe i could live w/o a stove... she was kinda weird, tho - didn't like that i had a large [like outside large] trash can in the kitchen i couldn't figure out why she cared - she didn't have to live there!
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What a great house! Congratulations, how exciting!
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Congrats!! It looks like a nice house. The part I love about moving is decorating the new bedroom.
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That is a beautiful house! So many possibilities and the locations sounds wonderful. So nice to have things nearby so you can walk instead of having to drive everywhere Have fun furnishing and decorating
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Hehe... we've lived without a stove for about 2months when we were staying at the guest house... felt funny though not having a stove... or a fridge.. all we had at the guest house was a toaster oven and a storage freezer ((i think thats what its called)).

Did I mention the Landlord doesnt care about pets at all!! thats the awsome part!! Im gonna get more an hopefully better pics tomorrow.
Gosh.. I think the best part about moving is the thought of a new start.. packing and unpacking are the worst parts lol

My mom agreed that since Bonnie's old and not gonna be able to go up and down the stairs much longer that were gonna get a Baby Gate to set up in the stairs that way Bonnie can have upstairs and Bear has downstairs ((and vise versa, also till Bonnie and/or Bear gets fixed)).

I cant wait to move in!!! this house will be the largest house i'v lived in (with my mom) since we got King (about 4-5yrs ago) and the first 2 story house we've lived in since I was 1yrs old... this is very exciting!!
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I love the closet in your room and the built-in shelf. You could do something very creative with that area
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Originally Posted by Bonnie1965 View Post
I love the closet in your room and the built-in shelf. You could do something very creative with that area

I know isnt it nice!! Thats also one reason why I chose that room... cuz its the only one with a closet (and shelves)!! lol plus its the second biggest room
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aww, look's lovely!

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how exciting!!! very nice and congrats
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It's great to move into a bigger house isn't it?

I'm going to be nosey and ask how much rent you're paying for it
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Wow, looks really nice!! How exciting!!
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Nice house - love the dog checking things out

First thing I'd do is save money to replace that carpet or see what the wood floors look like....carpet has GOT to go
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Congratulations on the new house!! Its beautiful & spacious!! Enjoy your new house
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