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Whisker's Mom !!!!!!!!

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Your past 1500 posts !!!!! Where's your new title Chikk ??????


Just a friendly reminder from the other Canadian trying to make it to 1500 !

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congratulations, way cool canadian chikk!!!


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I am CATadian!

You rock Ghys - why to gab!
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Yee Haa!!! Onya Ghys.
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Woohoo!! Congratulations Ghys!!
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Ghys, I can't wait to see your new title!!!! Congratulations!!!!
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YAY Ghys!!!!!!!! Go get that new title now!

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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Way to Go, G!!
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Oh G! You are now one of the big guys!
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Come on G! We're DYING to know what title you chose!!!

Congrats to you!!
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Ghys - where are you??? We're trying to have a party over here! :tounge2:
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OMG! Thanks Kass....for starting this.

And thanks for reminding me!

I really like I am CATadian and CATadian Chikk or CATadian Kitty

well.....what do you think???

and, how do I change the title?
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you guys are great....thinking about me. Gotta love this place!
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That's a tough call, Ghys, but I can tell you how to change it. Go into your User CP, click Edit Profile. About 3/4 of the way down there is now an option for you to reset your title.
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Congratulations on your milestone, Ghys.
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I still remember the days when I wondered if anyone was going to make 1500 or maybe it was too high :tounge2: Getting this cozy warm nostalgic feeling all over
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aww anne that's so neat.

Congrats Ghys! Way to Gab!
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You know my choice is I am CATadian!
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hehehe! I'll be back later today! have so much replying to do.

Have a great day everyone!

Thanks Ady...I think it's cute!
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hmmmm....it didn't update it. I'll have to see what happened. later.... guess I'll keep you in suspense for a while

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Ghys - you realize that's a Charlie Brown move, don't you? Lucy would be sorely disappointed!
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I really like:

I AM CATadian !!!!!!

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*whew* finally did it! (kept hitting the reset button so it would go back to my default....hehehe)

There ya go folks!

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WTG!! I have a long way to go...
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woohooo ghys!
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Fantabulous title! Where ever did the idea come from? (grin)
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i guess that means ady gets some cupcakes as a reward! *snicker*

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About time Ghys!

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