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Hello everyone,

As some of you may know my 6 month old kitten passed away kind of violently last night. It was very traumatic for me and my gf and we are scarred from that experience.

I was sleeping and my gf had given him his shot of Cephalosporin. About a minute later I heard him yell and then my gf yelled for me to come. He was spaziming on the couch. And the rest... well he died.

I was wondering what colour Cephalosporin should be. We went to the vet on saturday and got some Cephalosporin and it was a clear liquid and had no ill effects on him. When we went back yesterday and got some new Cephalosporin it was a yellow colour but we thought it didn't matter. He was very tired all day but I thought it was kind of weird that he went into shock a minute after my gf injected him with it. I was told that there was no harm with the injection into the muscle and that if you missed the muscle nothing bad would happen.

I need to know if what happened was because he was just so sick or if the vet made some kind of mistake with the medication....
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you're doing what we all do... blaming yourself for his passing. i did the same thing with my Mouse. my head knew i had done my best, but my heart was saying things like, 'i should've gone to the 4th vet first - she might have survived' & 'why didn't i notice she was ailing sooner?' [mind you, she might not have been - i really don't know]. don't do this to yourself - you did all that you could to help Spaz, & it wasn't enough. unfortunately, that's just the way things go sometimes read this - it might make you feel better: Choices.
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Can you call another Vet and ask them what color it should Be? Its not you or your Gf 's Fault. I blamed myself when Stormy was Pts too and the Vet said not to blame myself. Coco is on liquid Cephelexin which I see is part of Cephalosporin.
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