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I do not get it~

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With centers open to take unwanted babies/kids, why would she kill her baby??


And there is so many people that would of adopted the poor baby!!!

Ughh...why, why,why??
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because she's basically selfish. most abusers [& this is most definitely a form of abuse] are, to some extent. sure, there are exceptions - but most of them just want the person 'irritating' them or causing them 'problems' to stop, & use whatever means necessary to make that happen.
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She's 16. Usually, when this sort of stuff happens, it's a teenager. She probably lived her whole pregnancy in denial, gave birth alone in some bathroom (or probably that closet where they found the poor little baby), panicked, and wanted to pretend the whole thing never happened.

There's no excuse.

I really think we need to make sure every person in this country is 100% aware of the safe haven laws. As well as having access to birth control and abortion services (not trying to turn this into a debate or an IMO - just trying to prevent like this from happening.)

Poor baby. I certainly hope someone is held accountable.
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What an utter waste. Its heartbreaking.
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That is an absolute waste of a perfectly good life UGH it makes me sick to read something like that. I personally dont believe she is innocent in anyway, shape or form. bc she went to the hospital for a "miscarriage".

what makes me really mad is that there are people who cant have children but want them so BAD, but this 16 year old can have one & put it in a bag like a piece of garbage. SOMEONE would have adopted that baby. or around here, if a woman gives birth but doesnt want the baby, she can drop her baby off at the hospital, the hospital will take it, no questions asked.

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The sixteen-year-old is still a child herself! Where the heck were her parents? They didn't even notice that their child was pregnant? They didn't notice the bloody towels? Where were the parents when the girl got pregnant so young in the first place? And why did she have to go through this all alone and why was she so frightened that she couldn't even tell her sister or her parents?

There are two victims in this story!
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This is tragic. The girl was so young maybe she really convinced herself that it was a miscarriage and the family was too willing to believe it.

This story doesn't give much information about the family. Who knows what happened? The baby was premature, so we don't know if she was able to hide the pregnancy. Oddy enough, sometimes the family just thinks the girl is gaining weight.

It's tragic.
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