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Could it be?

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Hey, question....and I apologize if it is in the wrong place.

I am curious for anyone that knows much about puppies? The ones I currently have(Ebonys) are about 11 days old and she has been doing VERY good with them, for being a first time mom....but today I have noticed she wants nothing to do with them!!!! I am having to sit with her so she will feed them.

They are sucking like crazy!! Would her milk dry up already? I did squeeze her awhile ago and milk came out, but I just wonder if maybe she is?

I surely dont want to bottle feed 6 babies!!
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Anyone at all know!? I am feeling really bad. It is like 1 am and they are sucking like crazy!! I hope like everything they will be ok until my vet opens!!

Oh and I was just in there with her, and now I am not getting any milk to come out!!! *sigh*
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Are they Chinchilla`s? If so why not try hany of these.

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I would call your vet and ask. I have noticed now that Abbys kittens are getting bigger, she isn't spending as much time with them. But she is feeding them still.
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I must have read over your 2nd post. Sorry. Can you go to a store that is open 24/7 and get some puppy milk replacer for them until you can get them to the vets?
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