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That is funny! Too bad I can't tell what the stamped message is..I've got a funny feeling I might say that!
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Anyone want a postcard???

PM me your address and I will mail you one...


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Sesselja, I got your card today, THANK YOU so much, it's lovely! Nice blue water around there.

I'll be mailing my cards tomorrow (that is if I can find any, but the tourist office should have them).
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Good that it´s there! Yep, the ocean is nice and blue that day. It takes me aabout 5 minutes to walk to the ocean. The date on the card is wrong, because I finally sent it last monday.
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I got two postcards today!
One from Ginger - thank you so much! The postal stamp makes your address very hard to read, could you PM it to me?

And from Shell! This card made it all the way to Iceland - thank you so much! And thank you for the letter - what a nice surprice! I like the idea about the real letters through the letterboxes! Reminds me of "old times" when I had penfriends all over the world.
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It seems like the original plan to mail postcards in order to people on the list isn't working as well as planned. Somehow, we should gather the names and addresses of everybody who wants to join in and send a list of them out to everyone.
Anyone have suggestions?

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I was just thinking of how and when the next "round" of postcards would be planned. I´m off to bed, I´ll try to think of a good idea in my sleep.
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See the Penpal club thread, Shell is making a master list of addresses

Thanks Shell!

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Niina, I jsut got your postcard! Thank you very much!!!
This thing on the picture is HUGE! The cars look like toys compared to it! Are the cars all in line, waiting, or is this traffic, in rush hour, or are these parking spaces??? There are a lot of cars there!
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As far as I remember, it's a parking area. Yes, that Atomium is HUGE, makes you feel so tiny when standing next to it.

Tamme, I got your card today, THANK YOU so much, I love it!
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