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OMG I can't believe he did this

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We had to take Skye to my bff's house yesterday because they were coming to do an inspection on our apartment which meant all her stuff had to go as well. Well I had to be somewhere after work so I asked my bf if he could get her and bring her home. Well in his hurry to get to his poker game last night he left her litter box in the trunk of his car. I just now realized this. Bf didn't even seem phased by it. "Oh well sorry I had other things on my mind you know I'm busy too." So I made a makeshift one with a shoe box and some litter. My poor baby I can't believe she held it that long. No accidents at all.Purrpa owes her some big time treats and toys for being such an inconsiderate *^%
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Poor baby! That is a really long time!
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Awww, she must have been bursting!
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I'm glad it all worked out okay.
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What a good little girl. They really want to do what's right.
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Ya I just found my biggest shoe box and filled it a bit. I'm just in shock she didn't just go somewhere in the apartment. Or why she didn't cry in the spot where it's supossed to be.
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wow my boys wouldve just gone somewhere else!
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What a good girl - kitties are pretty good like that My Lily has been scared today with all the trauma of getting our carpets cleaned, and the last chance she could have gone was 8am, and it's now almost 8pm and I'm pretty sure she hasn't gone yet - she's just hiding until she's sure everything is safe.
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Holy cow! Was she crossing her hind legs by that time? !

Our older cats, particularly Beauty, can't hold it that long. I would ahve been cleaning thats for sure!
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Poor little Skye, she must have been ready to pop! Good thing her mommy took care and made her a make shift one
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Well at least there were no accidents, what a good kitty cat
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Glad to report that after many minutes rootin around in her box and a few windows having to be opened Skye was feeling relieved and light as a feather because she ran around the apartment in a fit of emotions.
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Awwwww bless her heart
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aww bless!

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