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What are there four of?

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I'm trying to create a new tattoo for myself - I don't expect my sibs to join in (though one of them does have a tat, and the other is planning on getting one) but I want it to honor the four of us.

One born in winter, one spring, one summer, one fall

So, what are their four of (and only four of - not four or more, just four)?

I've got: seasons, tarot card suits, playing card suits, horsemen of the apocolype, beatles (not really what I was looking for, but hey, good thinking on my bud's part, right?), four leaves on a four leaf clover (esp. cute for its resemblance to the shamrock, an universal symbol of our birthplace, Ireland), four provinances (another Irish referance - Ireland's counties are divided into four provinances)....

Help us out?

If I get the tat, there are pics in it for you guys! (Awesome bribe, right?)

American refs are equally appreciated; we were all born as recognised citizens of both the US and the ROI, but it's harder (at least for me!) to think of American icons in terms of fours.
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I right away though of the four leaf clover (before I finished reading the post). I think that could be a really cute tat!
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How about the four elements? Earth, water, air and fire.
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I immediately thought of the Four Horsemen, but you've already mentioned that one.
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
How about the four elements? Earth, water, air and fire.
that would be an awesome looking tat, too!
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The first thing that comes to mind is the Celtic Wheel of the Seasons.

I can't find any pics, but it's a Celtic knot cirlce made of interwoven tree branches, the foliage in each quarter represents each season (buds, leaves, red leaves and bare).
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went looking for images of the wheel of the seasons - i couldn't find any either...
but i found some really neat ones of the elements!
these are from candles
i think this is a print
this explains the elements
this one has writing readable from multiple angles - an 'ambigram'
this is a painting
this one is really pretty, but might be hard to render as a tat
there were lots more!
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Guys, thank you so much!

What awesome ideas.
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how about a four leafed clover? one leaf for each sibling?
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numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Japanese or Chinese
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You could create your own totem with the seasons being represented.
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