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My kitty is sneezing?

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I noticed Terrance sneezing alot lately. When I realized it was occuring alot, I looked closer, and his eyes have a little bit of goo in them. He also coughs every now and then. . Is there some kind of over the counter medication I could get to treat this instead of taking him to the vet and paying an arm and a leg? Could it just be a cold, or could it be something I should be concerned about?
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Is he eating and drinking well? Is he playful? Has the environment changed--allergy or irritation?

Christy came here with upper respiratory irritation from sleeping in her litter box at the shelter--it cleared up in three days and was noticeably better on the first. If your Terrance has been exposed to dust or other irritating substances, try removing those and see if he's sneezing less.

If he shows less energy or won't eat/drink, it's vet time. But for now, it's minor.
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L-lysine can be added to food or water, but other than that there's not really much you can do aside from taking him to the vet.

As Callista pointed out, if he looks and seems well just wait and see. Has anyone else been sneezing more lately, such as yourself? Sometimes my boys will sneeze a bit more then usual, but I typically find myself sneezing right along with them.
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Well, His brother Phillip has no sign of sneezing or anything. . However, I do notice he often noses around in the basement in some dusty areas. . I think I will try to get rid of the dust down there. . I live in a townhouse and that's pretty much where they "hang out".

Thanks for the suggestions, fellow Meowmies!!!
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Thanks for the suggestive infos, it helped me also, I also consulted with doctor, my kitty is now ok

Ghillie Suit
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