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Oh Nat I am so sorry..that video was beautiful and made me well up.

May Jack rest in peace He certainly knew he was loved
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I'm so sorry that you had to make this decission. I don't with it on anyone. But Jack knew what a loving, caring person you were and he knew you were his friend.

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OMG that is so sad!! Im so sorry!! He was a beautiful boy... I can tell how much you loved him!! Im sorry I can't think of anything comforting but Im still crying.... RIP Jack
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Hi's been almost a week now. It won't get any easier have no idea the hole you left in my heart. I can't wait until your ashes are back home, furr-ever.

I saw this boy on petfinder today & burst out in tears. I plan to send them a bit of $$ to buy a few toys for him in your honor.

I'm so sorry it had to end this way, I'd give anything for it to have been different.
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I am SO very sorry for your loss of Jack. As someone else said, it takes a lot of courage to do what you did. It's a selfless act, no matter how much you loved him and regardless of you missing him, you knew what was best. We had a dog that had to be put down because of aggression. It is a heart-wrenching decision, no matter what the case. May you find comfort knowing you did the right thing.
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I too lost my cat Bill.Remember death is an end of a life not a relationship.I also have Nacho now a black cat like Bill.But Bill is always there with me.Lets enjoy the memories that Jack had with you.
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This is all so sad! Its very nice of you to buy new toys for that pup in Jacks honour! A very kind thing to do!
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I am so sorry. that video of him made me cry and I am still crying. my heart goes out to you. he was beautiful. You'll be in my thoughts. I will have to go look for the story on him. I am so, so sorry. you loved him and that counts. you took him in and gave him a real home. I am just so sorry you had to make this decision. he is happy and healthy now at the bridge. my thoughts are with you. again I am so sorry.
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Jack, another one of "my boys", your foster brother for awhile, will be joining you over the Rainbow Bridge on Monday. He's only a puppy, so teach him the ropes. Watch out for him like you always did when you two lived together.

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Aww, I am sorry to hear this NAt.
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That made me bawl.
He was a handsome boy and he was loved.
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My heart is breaking for you with all of the recent losses you've suffered. Your tribute to Jack was beautiful, and had me in tears. I remain in awe of you and the loving care you give to so many animals in need, in happy times and sad. I hope your other furkids are giving you comfort.
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Dear Nat,
I understand what you are going's the memories that will always be there.
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