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Play happily over the rainbow bridge, Jack

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Just got back from euthanizing my foster dog.

Hopefully, others will come to recognize when a dog has the potential to do damage & euthanize them as I did Jack. It is not easy....but sometimes it is what is best.

He was such a good boy, he did not know until the very last minute what was going on. I hugged him tight the entire time.

Goodbye Jack....I'll love you always & furr-ever....play happily over the rainbow bridge....

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Natalie - I'm so sorry it came to this. But Jack knew love, and that's what counts.

Play happily over the bridge, sweet baby boy.

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I'm so sorry, Nat. Jack knew love because of you. Remember that and know that it took courage and compassion to make the decision you did. Jack knows that and is now at peace.
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Jack is chasing butterflies at the bridge now.
Be happy sweet boy.
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I am so very sorry Natalie . Having been in your situation before, I know exactly how you feel. Jack knew how much you love him, and you did what was best for him.

Rest in peace Jack. Please go and find Kodi and Storm over the Rainbow Bridge.
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I am so sorry for your loss, Natalie, please know that you did the best that you could. RIP Jack!!
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I am so sorry about Jack. Your video is a very nice tribute to him, your love for him really comes through. Lots of healing and good thoughts going out to you.
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that was beautiful, Nat - made me cry
for you, having to make that hardest of choices... for sweet Jack, who's happy now, no longer a danger to himself or others, but instead is playing with a cat mouse & a turbo scratcher with the kitties over the bridge.
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I've been doing OK....up until now. Just sitting here, I was doing homework....then it hit me I'll never see him again....play with him, sleep with him...nothing.
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Oh Nat I'm so sorry

He looked like such a beautiful dog, but we all know that you did the right thing as far as you were concerned - There is no doubt that he was well loved and looked after by you - You can tell that from thr beautiful tribute video you did for him
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I'm so sorry Nat.

We all know you did whatever you could for him.
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Nat, I'm so sorry. We all know that this was absolutely the last resort, that no way would you have let him go if there had been any other answer. It's so hard. It's hard enough when there's a physical problem and you can see the animal suffering or about to, but to know and acknowledge that there is no safe place for him because of issues that are not his fault but no less real... that takes real courage. One thing is certain: Jack knew love and security because of you. Please be gentle with yourself.

RIP sweet Jack
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Right now I would give anything to have him back, to have one more day. I keep hearing him give out one last groan....seeing & feeling him fall down in my arms. I just kept hugging & kissing him the whole time....

I hate that the vet clinic has his body....I do not trust anyone to treat him with the respect he deserves.

I thought I was going to do OK....but now I don't know. I've been throwing up I'm crying so hard again. If he was sick & suffering this would have been easier....but he looked to healthy, he was so happy, so lively....and so much a part of me.
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Natalie, you made the right call sweetheart I am sorry you had to make that tough decision though You're in my prayers love.
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I'm sorry about the size on some of these.....I can't get photobucket to work to resize them & I just can't do it right now.... But I have to post these.

I took these ones last night

These are from today

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Pictures from the car ride to be euthanized....

"What's wrong mom?"

"I'm scared mom" as we arrive at the vet clinic

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he was such a handsome boy! so hard to believe, from those pics, that he's the same boy in the one you posted of the 'threat' pose.
he's so big - i can see why you were concerned when his behavior changed so radically... he could've really hurt someone.
i swear, everytime i post in this thread i get teary i just feel so bad for you not him, 'cause i know he's happy now, but you're still so sad...
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RIP Jack ... Now you are PERFECT
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Your video was absolutely beautiful...Its been a very very long time since Ive cried that hard Im sending many many to you! I know you done the right thing just as you do but knowing that doesnt make it any easier...he was a beautiful dog and thank you for showing him what true Love was!
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....Can´t write..............
I´m so sorry.......
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Rest in Peace Sweet Jack You will be furever missed
Enjoy life over the rainbow bridge Jack, make many furry friends
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i am so sorry to hear this, I dont know his background, but I know you,and you wouldnt have done this if there was any other way, so please dont feel guilty, yet again, you have had to do this because other people have let him down, not you. RIP little one.
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All I can say is, I'm sorry.. RIP Jack.
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i have no words that can bring you comfort but don't lose sight of the respect and love you showed that beautiful creature in your actions.

too many of jack's breed die horrible, violent deaths. he didn't because of you.

RIP jack, no one will ever love you more than nat.
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I`m so sorry you had to make that decision. How awful, but I hope you can take some comfort from knowing you did the right thing. When I was growing up our lab would turn on people with no notice and the vet thought he`d had a brain injury when he escaped as a puppy. It was petryfying living but him and my dad refused to have him PTS.

Rest in peace Jack
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Poor Jack I wish there was something that could be done! At least he knew what real love was with you and was more happy than he had ever been before!

We love you no matter what Jack!

You made the right choice. You can't have a dangerous dog. What if a child runs up to pet him someday? It's a terribly hard choice, but it had to be made before something terrible happened. Thank you for caring for so many animals! We all know how big your heart is and that you only want what is best for EVERY single animal you meet.

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Jack.
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So sorry Nat, RIP Jack
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So sorry for you loss. RIP Jack
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Nat you did that handsome boy proud with that video

RIP Jack

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