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I feel like a horrible kitty mum

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We were getting out carpets cleaned today, so took the kitties next door to hang out while the carpets got cleaned and dried a bit.

I was worried about how Lily would react to it all, and it didn't start well when she realised something was up, and freaked out and wouldn't let me catch her.

I finally all kitties next door, with Stumpy running around playing with my neighbours cat, and Smudge and Lily in the same bedroom (Smudge being company for Lily), but then they hid under an overhang from the bed, with Smudgey was hiding behind Lily!

When I went to bring them home, I got Lily out fine, and went to get Smudge as well, but she wouldn't budge, and was hissing at me! So I brought Lily home, went back to get Smudge, but she'd moved and without Lily to protect her had gone into hiding!!

It took ages to find her, and she was hissing and growling as I got her out of her hiding spot and into the carrier. My little sweet, laidback baby was freaked out of her mind

I put them in my bedroom, and Smudge would come out of her cage, and spent the next couple of hours when I was in the room running away from me and hissing at me Poor little was shaking, she was so scared.

Now, Lily is hiding in the cupboard, but is fine - she let me pat her, and took some treats. Smudge is still hating me, but I'm sitting in the bedroom with some quiet music going, and she's beginning to calm down a bit.

I know she'll be fine, and she'll probably be over it by tonight, but I've never seen Smudge get so worked up - she doesn't mind the vet, didn't mind the Pet Hotel last time, and knows my neighbour and her cat. Poor thing.

I don't know if it was all worth it!
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Awwww, poor babies! Something really stressed Smudge out. But she will forgive you, don't worry!
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Yeah, I'm getting a similar guilt trip from Christy today. I cleaned out her ears yesterday.
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Smudge is starting to come around. She's still a bit skittish, but she's given me headbutts, and come out for food which is good. I tried to put her in the cupboard where Lily was, because she likes sleeping in the cupboard, and loves snuggling with Lily, but she hissed at Lil. Oh well!
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Awww, poor thing. I am sure she will be fine. Snickers acts like that when she comes back from the vet. After a day she totally forgives me and stops hissing at the others. It will be fine.
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I know it is the hardest thing to do but let him be alone and he will get back to normal in no time. He was just freaked out...cats feel stress too sometimes. I'm just glad it's not as often as we humans do Because we take care of them so well no doubt.

I am a clean me it would be worth it to have nice clean carpets.

I agree...... it will be alright. for smudge! and you too!
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I really do think it will all be okay soon - and if not, it will still be okay eventually.

Good luck hon.
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Smudgey's pretty much back to normal, but Lily is still a little freaked out. She's still in hiding, and the couple of times she's moved, she has "slunk" around rather than walked.

By tomorrow everyone should be back to normal
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Get back into your regular routine and they will all forgive you. I started having a cleaning crew come in twice a month. I know that the vacuuming freaks them out so I leave the basement door open. Then I will just start talking to them from where ever I'm at. When they're ready, they will come upstairs.
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Yeah, Christy's still slinking too. She won't be picked up, but if I'm obvious enough about NOT going for her ears, she'll let me pet her.
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