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Cat sucking/licking blanket binding

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At xmas I was given a new electric blanket. Sweetie immediately started to lick the satin binding. I've been able to cover the blanket until now. Today I forgot to pull the comforter up over it and there she was again. My main concern is that its electric. I've heard of cats sucking wool but never satin. Have any of you had this problem?
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Adult cats suckling is typical of kittens that were pulled away from their mother at too young an age. My in-laws have a cat that was rejected by his mother at 3-4 weeks (she got spooked and swatted and his ear was sliced off by her claw and after that she refused to nurse him) and he suckles blankets all the time. I would think the blanket being warm would be even more encouraging under certain circumstances.

How old was your cat when you got her?
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Originally Posted by deljo View Post
I've heard of cats sucking wool but never satin.
I have a suckling too and satin is one of his favorites.
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I would be concerned about the fact it was electric...you just never know how excited she'll get and if she will bite through. Can you keep it unplugged while you don't use it? I would just check for holes now and then to make sure she didn't bite through.

I have a cat that does the blankie sucking. I had a blanket that was stringy and had to take it away from him. Saw pieces in his poops and got scared it would build up in his stomach or intestines and cause a blockage.

Good thing they have us looking out for them huh?
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My cat has pica and eats pretty much anything except denim. Her favorites are cotton mix, rayon, and cashmere She started this around 7 mo. of age and was cleared from medical problems by the vet. Around the same time, she also got electrocuted while chewing on a wire (she's fine) so if you really need to leave this blanket out, remember to unplug it!! She is soo lucky to have made it to her 1st birthday! She hasn't eaten anything that I know of lately but I'm afraid to find out if it's because she has gotten over her habit or because I've learned to keep things she would like away.
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It sounds normal to me. Chloe never suckles wool, but she does do it to all the really soft blankets in the house (my N.A.P. blanket from Brookstone, my Barefoot Dreams blankets, etc.). (She was a stray kitten, weaned too early). It's cute but she also leaves little wet spots on anything which is kinda icky.

I don't know anything about electric blankets, are the wires in the blanket or just the cord? If they are just in the cord and she doesn't chew cords like both my cats do, I think it'd be fine.
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Thanks for all your responses. I'm sorry I'm so late in replying. I was on a short vacation. To answer your questions, Sweetie will be 3 in July. She was a year old when I got her. She only sucks on the satin binding. She's never sucked on the blanket itself. She also doesn't chew cords. As long as the binding is covered she leaves it alone. I would die if she got electrocuted so I'm going to unplug the connection each morning. Thanks again.
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