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What is going on???

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I got my new male stray/your gonna take me/ no is not an answer/cat neutered yesterday. He has a personality you would not believe, anyway
He is ticked off at me something terrible, He is hissing and swiping his paws at me..so I put him in a large cage to calm him down and to recover.
Today I let him out and he was nice for about 20 minutes and then he started squirting urine all over..I think he was spraying..it was shooting out.
His tail was shaking like a rattlesnake...Is he really that pissed off or what.
He is howling also....
I coaxed him back into cage with turkey lunchmeat..now he is nice and purring. What turned this sweetie into a monster. Is he spraying and how long will he do this. I called the vet where I got him done, they did not call me back yet.
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This is spraying, and I'm sorry he's reacting so badly to the neuter. He'll come around - he just needs some space and time.

It will take a month or so for the hormones to cycle out of his system. Hopefully he won't be spraying for that long. You MUST clean up any area that's been sprayed with an enzyme cleaner. It is the only thing that will remove the scent from his perspective - and it may need a second application.

You might want to consider purchasing Feliway Spray and Rescue Remedy flower remedies to help him de-stress. Both can be purchased here: http://www.catfaeries.com. This may also help the spraying while those hormones cycle out of his system.

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Oh.. he's mad at you! Maybe not you specifically but he likely knows something isn't right and you had some part in it. Maybe he's a bit sore still and that's why he's hissing and swiping his paws at you? Misdirected aggression and stress from the whole event. Odd scents (vet smell) could have him confused/unsettled, too.

Did you have him inside or caged before the neutering? It may be that he's used to peeing that way and doesn't want to use the litter box. I really hope that isn't the case, it's one reason why my outdoor kitty Max can't be indoors. That is how he pees... even when standing in the litter box.
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He was using the litter box perfectly..this just started a few days ago when he started howling constanly and mounting my other male cat. I just let him out of the cage cuz I felt bad and he is pacing all over with that rattlesnake tail and peed in the corner of the living room. I cannot go near him he hisses and bats at me. He was a bit aggressive from being a stray but he was so good before this neuter. he was lovable. What is the best stuff to buy to get the pee out I do not want my house to stink. he just jumped up by the computer and I have a few treats left up here for my other kitty that always gets the least..he was eating them and i tried to move the mouse he growled and scratched me. What do i do? His tail is wagging like a dog!
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Butzie just started doing this the other day. I went to feed her and she went in the litter box, stood up, shook that tail like a rattlesnake and peed on the cupboard door. She did it this morning for the second time.

I think it is because she is mad at me because I am not letting her out of the house as often and not as early as before. This is for 2 reasons. 1 is that I worry about her outside. But the second is that she is quite a huntress and has killed 4 birds this spring. I feed the outside birds so there is heaven for her. That is why I let her out later now. The birds feed early in the morning and late in the day. She is usually inside for the night before the last feeding.

Anyway, that was long but does anyone have any suggestions about how long this may last or how I can stop it? I could make sure that she is not in the laundry room with me when I feed her. There is a door. Do you think that that will work? I know she only does it when I am there because there are no urine stains after I clean up. I am afraid if I do this she will pee outside the room. Should I make DH feed her? She just tolerates him.
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