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I'm going to paint my truck

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So if you remember my "speeding ticket" from about a month back.

Well yesterday I was driving home after dropping off the DVDs a SUV (luckily) ahead of me and guess what-about the same time of day-the cop was in the same spot!! I checked my speed about 40 mph in the 35 zone. EEK!!!
Then the cop pulls out from his spot-double EEEK!!!!

Thankfully he continued on his way.

So today driving home from errands about 8-9 miles from home a older car passes me just before a no passing zone going up a small hill-I glanced at speedometer its was a 55 zone I was going 57-58.
Well who comes from the other direction????

Yes the same cop (the town only has two). I glance in rearview mirror-he turns around fast and puts on his lights. Triple EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!
I pull over and I was right in thinking he was going to get the guy who passed me. The first driver must have turned down the next road as I didn't see the car and the cop (hopefully) followed and "got" him.

Man I was so tempted to turn down that road but didn't want to press my luck!!

My truck is a olive green color and not many of this color vehicle around-I feel its going to be a beacon for the town cop!!

Well at least I'll be driving the car tomorrow.
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just don't paint it red!!
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Yikes! I would just get a new truck
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Or maybe actually start driving the speed limit?
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Originally Posted by GingersMom View Post
Or maybe actually start driving the speed limit?
That might work too!
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Try having a PINK car!! lol Of course.. My friends brother in law is a cop here and he said the cops here won't stop you for going 5 over (or under) because theyre too lazy to do the paperwork... lol
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Yeah, better pay more attention to your speed

And agree on don't paint it red. Ride around in your neighborhood and see what color most of the trucks are, then paint yours that color.

How you could stand to have an olive green truck, I don't know!
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Yipes! I hate when they freak you out by turning around and getting behind you.
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I back to using cruise control the last 3 miles of driving home!!

I like the truck color-kinda themed for a gardener plus when we bought it we only wanted a reg cab truck which are hard to find and it had the options we wanted. Our last truck was like a baby blue color (who at Ford comes up with these colors??)
At least its easy to see in a parking lot.

And driving home this morning 3 state police vehicles -but they were parked across the road from the high school!!
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