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does your cat sleep under the covers?

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My kitty loves to sleep under the covers. Every time I come home I find a lump in my bed snuggled up deep under the covers. She sleeps the whole night with us cuddled up either completely under the covers (sometimes by our feet) and sometimes with her little head poking out.

I know most cats HATE to be covered up. Just wondering if anyone else has cats with the same habit!
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Yeah my cat Buddy sometimes sleeps under the covers....I'll come home sometimes and see a lump on my bed. I guess he is somewhat of a burrowing animal....
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Sho will drag them down at the foot of the bed and sleep under them on the floor. When you walk by you'll get a surprise - we call him Blanket Monster when he's in that mode. He'll swat - won't be careful with his claws and will bite hard. Play with him outside the blankets and he's automatically gentle.

Tomas will sometimes sleep with him in the blanket cocoon, but usually prefers to nest on the bed when it isn't made. When he snuggles up on me or against me, I'll pull the blankets up over us both. I will not cover my head with him under the blanket... this somehow increases the chance of him farting, I'm certain he knows what he's doing.
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my Sabrina sometimes hides under the covers next to me..yesterday i was home from work (holiday day off) and ...
she was right under the covers with soon as my boyfriend crawled out of
curled right up...
feet up against me...
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My sophie will sleep inbetween me and my husband with the covers pulled over her and thats where she stays everynight all night. the others perfer to sleep on top of the covers which then you have to move over and try and dodge the cats so as not to knock them off lol
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Oliver likes to be a bump sometimes too... he was one last night for awhile before I went to bed - he always pokes his little pink nose out so he can breathe haha... I was sitting watching tv before climbing in bed last night and my bed sneezed! haha He doesn't usually sleep under there for like the nighttime though - he sleeps on top of the blankets up against me
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We got Gracie and Lizzie when they were 6 weeks old and Gracie has slept under the blankets with us every single night...she's 8 years old now.
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All 3 of mine sleep under the covers, they've just started doing it again with the end of Summer. They tickle me with their whiskers as they settle in :lol3;
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Punkin has no use for sleeping on the bed, even. But if I take a nap or sleep late, after Dottie goes to work on my day off, Sterling will burrow under the covers occasionally. He's really bad about running his cold nose and tickly whiskers on my bare leg, though!
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Sonic and Jacob like to sleep under the covers sometimes, I don't mind at all but I do wish they'd watch what they are doing with their paws while they are pulling the covers around and making themselves comfortable! Especially when they decide they have to be right next to my face and turn round and round under the covers treading on my nose
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My Sassy, will sometimes sleep under the covers, only if I'm under the covers w/her!!
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Tabitha likes to snuggle up right next to me with my arm around her. If any of the others try to get under there with her watch out! The kitten will burrow under the blanket on the couch sometimes. I always thought it was odd behavior but my husband is a polar bear so us girls have to stick together to stay warm.
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Pan sleeps between us every night, under the covers....but he will not go under the covers if he is alone. He needs snuggle buddies, lol.
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Mini will sleep with us under the covers & when it's chilly she also likes when daddy covers her with a sweatshirt. She'll stay curled up under there for a long time, sometimes she pokes her nose out-it's so cute!
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Nope - neither Ling nor Charlie are under the cover cats. All of my rexes were notorious under the cover, blanket, etc cats - even in the summer time
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Originally Posted by Paulena View Post
My Sassy, will sometimes sleep under the covers, only if I'm under the covers w/her!!
LOL, Jacob is an under the covers cat by himself, if he feels the central heating isn't on a high enough setting he will nest under the duvet with just his nostrils sticking out
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Sometimes Buddy just gets part way under the sheets like this time:

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i occasionally find Cable or Java under them...
Chip likes to stick his head under them, but only when i'm in bed w/the lights off, attempting to fall asleep...
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The only "Undercover Kitty" here is Lil' Jag. She has been doing this ever since we adopted her at 3.5 months. It doesn't matter if she snuggles with someone or by herself. The others really don't like to be covered up although they will sleep on the bed. *shrugs*

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Bella likes to burrow under the covers with us, sometimes she completely goes under the covers. I have to admit I like the feel of her very soft fur next to me
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Both girls like to go under covers, Sam can't take it, he pops in and then out right away. The girls paw at the cover to let us know they would like the cover lifted so they can come in. Pru is pretty quick about it, but Clio has to stand there and decide if she really wants to come in or not. This can take 30 seconds, with my arm getting tired while she decides. I have put the cover down and said "too late", but then she just puts a paw or brushes a whisker on my face to make me do it again. Cats!
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Well Mia doesn't usually sleep under the covers, but 99% of the time you put a soft blanket over her while she's on a lap, she will start purring, fall fast asleep and stay under for hours in 90+ degree warmth. Marble doesn't usually sleep under the covers either but yesterday I saw her work her way under, turn around and fall asleep with her head poking out the side. It was too cute!!
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I have a folded up comforter on the floor for Kody to sleep on and he burrows inside the folds and I don't see him and I look all over for him. Then I notice the lump in the comforter and I know where he is. I'm always afraid he's gonna suffocate in there.
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My cats don't usually sleep under the covers. I've found just a few times that Pooch and Luke did, but that was when they weren't used to the new place when we first moved and were scared for the first two weeks.

Luke and Pooch usually sleep on the bed (on the covers) at the corner. Every morning, Luke would walk on me and knead. He demands you to pet him first thing when you wake up, and I do! He always wakes me up by purring right at my head!
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My recently adopted cat Annabelle sleeps under the covers all day and comes out in the evening, she's terrified of strangers and cries at night. I suspect she may have been abused her last home.

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oh kittly likes to sleep under the blankets with me and then after a while he starts licking my mouth and lips waking me

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My Francesca does. We have only had her 2 months. Adopted her (Senior) from SPCA.

More and more I find that lump on the bed. :)

I was just hoping she wasnt regressing...

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None of my cats sleep under the covers anymore regularly. Starbuck used to when she was a kitten. She will once in a while sleep under the electric blanket next to me in the winter. Apollo and Sonny do not like to be covered up. Casey plays under the covers when we make the bed. He does not like to be covered up when he sleeps.
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As many of you know, we adopted our Francesca from SPCA back in September. She is a senior ( so are we). Its be slow coming with Francesca, she is very skittish and scared of everything. I go very quiet and calm with her, but if that front door opens!!! She is in the bed, under covers in 2.5 seconds!
My husband is a big. Kinda loud guy, boots, coats etc. Francesca wont come out when hes home.even though he tries to be lovey.
Bedtime though is another story. On my lap until Daddy comes to bed, then she snuggles up to his tummy for the night.
Alls go right?
But now hubby has hip replacement on Feb. 14, no kitty near the bed for couple weeks! !! OMGosh! We have some weeks to prep...
Theres a chair near the wind in living she likes, I folded up a blanket put it there. She loves it! We also got a kitty bed with semi hood she has nevet tried, I know she has slept on chair at night before , last night I put the bed with hood ON THE CHAIR and put the blanket UNDER the chair. Am hoping that she goes for it, as a backup to Mommy and Daddys bed....
Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? Advice? I don't want my baby to feel shut-out during this difficult time
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