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Free-feeding neutered kitten

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Ordinarily I free-feed my kittens until they're neutered at 6 months, then switch to measuring their food out. Gus was neutered at 8 weeks, so now I'm not entirely sure when to stop letting him eat whatever he wants. He's 4 months now, and between 4 and 5lbs.

Also, a few weeks ago we were at the in-laws and I couldn't leave the food out all the time without the other cats eating it all on him. I was keeping him locked in the bedroom with food overnight, then feeding him 2 times during the day, and when he would eat during the day he'd scarf it up so fast he'd throw up afterwards.

EDIT: I would leave him free-fed a few more months without even thinking about it, but Ramsay, who is 2, is getting a little chubby and we have a hard time keeping his weight down anyway. Our living situation doesn't really allow us any option to separate them. BTW I guess we're technically doing a measured free-feed. I'm measuring out just enough that it lasts 20-23 hours between Gus and Ramsay, so about 1 and 1/3 cup of dry food.
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It depends on weight and other cats you have to contend with. I prefer to free feed kittens because they're growing and need as much as they can get. It sounds like yours is right around the correct weight for his age. But I wasn't able to do that with my Tomas... I have a slightly overweight cat that would eat more than he should. But it was probably good that Tomas was started on measured meals... he's a piggy.

If you want to continue your kitten on scheduled meals try putting a little less down at a time and break it up into more feedings so he doesn't make himself sick. Go for what the age and weight requirement says on the back of the bag and use a dry measuring cup to scoop the food out with so you can keep track. If feeding can, make the servings into 1/4ths (for 5oz cans) or halves (3oz cans), and use that amount as a meal.
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Can you give him 3 meals a day and watch so the other cat doesn't help? That way you are not free feeding everyone but the kitten can get a little extra food.

I usually start doing 2 meals a day on kittens at 5 months with no problems. And around that time they are switched over to high quality adult foods.

Its harder to take off weight then to put it on a cat - so be careful in what you are feeding (kitten vs adult food) and how much.
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I measure free feed ... ie I measure what goes in the bowl and leave it out all day,...

kitten food usually is only 5-10% more calories than adult and usually is protein and fat the ones most cats utilize best
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I feed grain free dry foods so the foods are for both kitten and adult. I could do meals, but I doubt Ramsay wouldn't eat then. Ramsay is a nibbler, which is why I usually, before we got Gus, would leave 1/4-1/3c. out per day for him.
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