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Quill and his Tiger

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A few months ago, Quill fell in love with a tiger. Not just an ordinary tiger, but a white tiger with blue eyes. I was sitting on my bed, and he had just come to say hello, and I was showing him my stuffed beanies. I pretended that the tiger was a kitten and made it mew and paw at him, and all of a sudden, Quill grabbed it with his teeth by the "scruff" and flung it off the bed. Thus the love of him and his Tiger was now sparked, and ever since, Quill has been playing with it. He carries it upstairs, he looks for it after we've all gone to bed. All the while he meows for it, and when he finds it he likes to bring it to me. In the morning I will often find it wedged in my door. Half of the whiskers are gone, and it's kind of yellow now (need to wash it,), but it's still his Tiger, and they will never be apart.

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That is so sweetBella had a favorite TY Beanie Baby kitty, she had it for years and we even buried her with it
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Awwwww! That's so cute!

My Ginger had a thing for an orange tabby beanie baby when she was a kitten - I gave it to her to sleep with when I adopted her at 8 weeks old - but since I adopted the other little terrors, she never plays with it anymore.

Poor neglected beanie kitty.
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How sweet is that! I love that picture - but the face says "don't you take my tiger away from me!"
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Wow! What a sweet boy!!!
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How adorable! My Pan has a stuffed rabbit that he alternately loves on and attacks, but it usually is in the same room with him at all times!
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Nice to know we aren't the only ones who appreciate soft stuffed animals eh?

I recently experianced this when I got a leopard stuffed animal at the zoo. It is so soft, like a babies stuffed animal. We don't know who but someone was knocking it off it's perch and biting its whiskers....i caught Rocko with a bit of it's fur on him....i suspect he was the one!
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I love the name cute! Big beautiful kitty
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Chloe loves her stuffed elephant, we call him Harry Elephante (ell-eh-fawn-tay) like Ross' monkey's elephant in Friends.
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Can I admit that I have a kitty-crush on Quill? He's SO gorgeous!

He's so proud and protective of his little tiger friend. What a sweetie!
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What a sweet pic!!! Quill is absolutely gorgeous!!
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Thanks everyone! Glad to know that Quill isn't the only kitty to have a stuffed friend ....
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That photo of Quill & his little stuffed animal is so precious! Quill is such a fluffy boy
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lol now that is sooo cute!
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sooo sweet!
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