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Daily Thread Tues March 25th!

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Welp, its a balmy -5 right now and will be getting to 4 degrees which will be nice.

I get to go for coffee with my boss today..which is a nice hour out of the office.

Off to the gym after work...and thats about it I am so regimented!

Have a great day friends!
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Nat and thingy sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G Awwwwww your going to be skipping to work aren't you Nat

It's cold and sunny here. I'm so tired as well because i was watching the film The Passion of the Christ until 1.a.m. It was so sad
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Well winter has made a brief return this morning. Not too much on the ground as the temps are 35F high of 43F!!!

Running a bunch of errands this morning-will wait another hour however for weather to move out.

Neil finished up taxes and we are actually getting a refund from the feds!!! That hasn't happened since we got married-of course that will be used to pay on his dental surgery.

Ox has had his Elizabethan collar on for almost a day now-he is kinds wobbly walking with it or trying to jump on sofa. When I am done with errands I'll examine his ear and do more cleaning. Have to get the ear ointment for him too.

Gotta get on the treadmill as I gained 3 pounds will on vacation (yikes).

Making something with chicken for dinner tonite.

Another exciting day in my life.
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Morning cats .

Not much going on today, just school for an hour and then I'll be back on here for a while.
The weather has been really nice lately. We've had highs of +6. It looks like spring could be here for a while.

Have a great day everyone.

P.S. Have fun with your boss Nat
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Today is beautiful out side it is 55ºF for the high and 29ºF for the low..Ive had no sleep...Sadie has been begging for attention all night so Ive sat up with her petting her and wiping her bottom as needed...She is peacefully asleep for now..other then that I have no plans today aside from sitting at home with Ms Sadie...DH has to work today and I believe we will have kittens by tonight
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Morning All!!

Little warmer here as well today.

Not working today, heading off to the hospital shortly to see my sister who was admitted yesterday.
I am sure the office will survive a day without me so decided to play hookey.

Not much energy today, so just as well.

The kitties are good this morning, tearing around the house like banshee's at the moment..
Everyone have a good day
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Originally Posted by TigerOnTheProwl View Post
P.S. Have fun with your boss Nat
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right now its -8c....with a windchill of -16..where's spring????
well I guess its not -40 so I'm not gonna complain...
today after work i'm just going to the library to pick up my columbo dvd thats waiting for me.
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Well now we are at +4 and we are getting SNOW! Just when I though spring was here
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It's probably about 65 here. I'm sitting at my neighbours while I wait for my carpets to dry after having them cleaned. I'm trying to study, but my 3 girls are over here too. Smudge and Lily are in the spare bedrom, but Stumpy is running around the rest of the apartment with my neighbours cat.

I keep running after Stumpy who's playing with everything and exploring everything, rather than finding a nice, sunny spot to nap in. That's the most excitement I have planned for my day!
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Yup, spring has sprung. It's 65 on my side of the Bay, too.

Not doing too much today. Our son is on spring break so I am taking him out to lunch.

I have to buy stuff for dinner for my cookbook review. The recipes in this book have been less than successful. We had to eat out twice.

I may or may not go my health club today. Yesterday at the swim clinic, the coach told me to take a break today so I could be fresh for tomorrow's clinic. She mentioned something about butterfly drills. I can't wait.
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