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Man caught in cat skinning

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Vancouver man in custody in Ontario skinned-cat case

David Reevely
Vancouver Sun

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

A Vancouver resident has been accused of helping skin a cat alive in a case that has outraged animal-rights activists in Ontario.

Two men convicted in the case protested that they were making an art film when they strangled and stabbed the cat, named Kensington, in a Toronto apartment in May, 2001.

Two Toronto detectives left Vancouver on Tuesday with a third man, Matthew Kaczorowski, 21, in custody; the statute of limitations on animal cruelty has run out, so he's to be charged today with mischief.

Kaczorowski, a former squeegee kid in Toronto, came west to ply his trade and was identified with the help of the Vancouver police and a worker at the Vancouver SPCA, said Toronto Detective Gordon Scott.

"This was community policing at its best," Scott said in an interview. "There's this woman, Katie Woodward [in Ontario], who wouldn't let the story go. She has a Web site, findmatt.org, where she had a link to a picture of him on the Crimestoppers Web site, and a link to me as well."

Scott said the SPCA worker -- whose name he wouldn't reveal -- spotted Kaczorowski squeegeeing in Vancouver recently, and contacted Scott and fellow detective John Margetson.

"We got in touch with the Vancouver police and they did some work on their end. They felt it was him and they sent me pictures and I thought it was him.

"So we swore out a warrant and convinced the Crown attorney to send us out on a plane. We located him, executed a search warrant at his home, and brought him back with us," Scott said.

He said that in Kaczorowski's home, he and Margetson found clothing they believe Kaczorowski was wearing when the cat-skinning video was shot.

Two other Torontonians, 22-year-old Jessie Power and 25-year-old Andrew Wennekers, have already been convicted.

© Copyright 2003 Vancouver Sun
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I can't believe thay can only charge him with mischief!
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OMG thats awful! that sick.....i cant say the word here but you all know what i am saying!
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I'm glad they caught that lowlife. Whatever he gets isn't nearly enough punishement.

I'm going to move this to SOS where we usually put this type of information.
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It amazes me at how cruel some people can be.
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I remember when this case happened. It was totally revolting and sick! When the other two 'boys' were charged, I think they were only given community service for this act of 'mischief'?? They videotaped the whole event, were making jokes, torturing the cat first, stabbing it, then skinning it alive.

Trying to toughen the animal abuse laws in Canada seems next to impossible. Every attempt up to now has just been stalled in Parliament.

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I think they should skin him, poor salt on him, then cover him in tuna juice and then leave him out in a large feral cat coleny so the cat could eat him!!!!!
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i seldom get mad, but reading this makes me mad!

i just simply can't understand how people can be cruel to animals or to another fellow being?!?!?!


i really think they should receive some sort of punishment but not dispensed as "mischief"... this way, at least some sort of precedent is set...

This is so upsetting!
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What a shame they didn't catch these monsters before the statute of limitations ran out!. Mischief? To torture and kill cats and then call it "art" should be a felony! These people will probably be choosing people as their "sickness" escalates. This is horrible!

Adrienne, I'm not familiar with the term, "squeegeeing" in the way it's used in that story. What does it mean in this context?
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A squeegee kid is a street kid who cleans car windows when they stop at traffic lights. It is a big thing in Toronto as they expect to get paid if they clean your window. A squeegee is the thing they use to clean the windows, therefore "squeegee" kids
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That is just so sad, this world really does need firmer laws and punishment, I STILL like the idea of chopping off the hands of theifs.
For whatever crime you do, you will be met with the same fait!
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I saw skin them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I don't get it, I just don't get what kind of sick pervert, psycho does this kind of thing?? It makes me sick to my stomach. I've heard people say that we are harder on anmial abusers than child abusers, I don't know if that's true, but I will tell you one thing, the research has shown that serial killers often start out killing animals & pretty soon that isn't enough. So I find nothing wrong with punishing these horrible people.
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