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Wednesday DT

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Wow, this is the first DT I've ever started. Cool. How are you all?It's 5am here on the B.C. coast and I'm just watching Much Music and waiting for my noodles to finish cooking. Yay, noodles and Parmesan cheese (I know, so healthy!).

So what have you all got planned for today? Today is my first day off of two (YAY!) so I'm going to be up all hours, sleep whenever I want (cause I have no kids and I can do that :tounge2: ) Oh yeah, I have to talk to my accountant friend in Toronto about my RRSP's, my work just gave me permanent status so Darrell and I finally have some real good free benefits. But the investing thing is a real pain in the butt for me, all those numbers!

ok, Bye for now!
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Tamme - God bless you, your day off and you are up at the crack of dawn!! Dear me. And I too know it isn't healthy, but I love noodles with cheese .

Today is much like yesterday, I am at work praying for the weekend to get here sooner. It isn't a lot of fun, but hey, that's life. The weather is starting to feel more mild, we are heading towards 40's today, although I hear we are going to get hit with more snow tomorrow . The good news is though we are going to be in the 50's by the weeks end. The 50's!!! I might be able to leave my jacket at home! I can't wait.

Hope everyone is having a great day!
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its supposed to be 70 today!
I love warm weather!
i have to finish a scrapbooking page that i started last night, we were talking too much and never finished it
otherwise just a quiet day for me.
have a good day everyone!
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Jamie, haha
God bless you, your day off and you are up at the crack of dawn!!
I never went to bed! I slept on the couch last night for a few hours watching star trek, but hubby called and woke me up so we could spend some of the morning together . Ha Ha
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I've barricaded myself in this room, because Rowdy is single-handedly attempting to trash the house. With only 3-4 hours sleep, I'm not up to dealing with her rampage.

I finally dozed off, around 4:00 only to be awakened by Rowdy clawing the couch, at 5:30. After being yelled at, she proceeded to go to work on the LaZBoy and the drapes. I tossed a throw pillow at the chair, to stop that. Moments later, a crash from the kitchen got me on my feet. She had turned over the trash can (empty, thank goodness). While I was sitting in the bathroom, she figured that I needed something else to do and knocked the top off of the wastebasket and turned it over.

OK - I'm up. Grabbed my coffee and cigarette and escaped to the patio. There, I find myself in the middle of a dog romp. Everybody, except Opie, has been yelled at this morning. Rowdy is still on a tear and I am tempted to put her in Pearl's crate, for a while. I think that she needs a "time out". I know that I do!

Hope your morning is going better than mine.
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Mmmmmm... noodles and cheese! I love those alfredo noodles you get in a packet.

Today's just another school day, hopefully I will be able to stay awake in all my classes (I had 2 tests yesterday, and I am tired and decompressing!). I wish I went to a big college, where they don't care if you show up or not, as long as you turn in work and take the tests... however, they take attendance at community college. At least it's sunny and the high is supposed to be 72.

Have a good day, everyone!
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Just checking in for a quick hi... This week is far too busy... Mary Anne, bless her, keeps sending me tasks, there's the course to go through and I've taken up going to the gym three times a week early in the morning (can't get out of that one - my MIL is going with me). I think I would have been able to handle it all better if I could get some sleep :tounge2: but Ron is going through some funny phase this week - at least I hope it's a phase - he keeps waking up 5-6 times a night, taking some nursing and dozing back to sleep...

I'm going to a board meeting this evening at the Cat Welfare Society of Israel. They want me to take on more responsibilties and projects but I'm going to have to politely decline for now.

Have fun everyone!
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The only good thing about today is that it is pay day! Still have my trainees so can really only check in here at breaks and lunch. Hubby is in a major crabby mood and my head hurts!

Ok - enough whining! I think I can make it thru the rest oft the day without complaining to much!

Ack - Trainees just got back from break i have got to go - see ya later!
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how long do you have to train everyone for Ady?
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i'm in a better mood today. not much going on. it's pretty nice outside! must be in the 40-50 F range. yay!

cindy - i think rowdy needs to run around the block a few times to wear herself out! just kidding. hope she lets you get some rest soon!
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Got my computer/sewing room rearranged and decided to do the living room, too. When I moved the couch, I found 19 Christmas ornaments and another 6, under the coffee table. Rowdy was a busy girl, this past Christmas.
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Okeydokey - it is lunch time now! Kellye - I have these trainees until the end of today (yeah!), but I have one on one trainee with another person to conduct tomorrow and Friday. I am giving my trainees difficult roleplays today and they are not happy with me, but it is the best way to learn before going live. One day they may appreciate it. I always tell them they have a choice between roleplay and going straight on the phones and for some reason they always choose roleplay. They had 10 weeks of training and no the difficult part is getting all of the info out of their heads and actually applying it. We deal daily with government legislation so there is a lot to remember.
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Cindy, I feel your pain. I got up early this morning, and I wasn't in the best of moods either. Came out and... half a roll of toilet paper is shredded ALL OVER the living room and hallway. Boo's hissing at Tiger and Jorin, she's upset because she got a whiff of Lady and Missy (The two fosters, currently residing in the guest bathroom, and the reason the toilet paper was out anyway. They love to shred too) Argh. I've had to give her a time out, and then Tiger and Jorin started in, so I ended up separating all 3 cats for about 30 minutes. I got breakfast started, but Mike had to go to a temp place and do the paperwork/pre-interview thingy this morning, and he isn't home yet. I hope it works out for him, though. If so, I might be able to swing it with just a part-time job!

Other than that, I got my desk cleaned up and all my bills/paystubs/bank statements/miscellaneous mail sorted and organized. I reformatted my computer yesterday, and so I'm slowly getting everything back on as I need it.

Boy, I'm long-winded today! I'm gonna go make some more tea and read a bit.
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I got woke up at 5;30 AM,by 5 hungery cats!Fed them and then came in here to see if DT was up and my internet provider was down! It never got up intil 3;00 PM!But then I have had this one for 5 years and this was the first time it crashed!OH ,COUMPTER WITHDRAW!!!!I feel better now!So I dusted the house,wash clothes,made homemade chicken soup.Went and got cigarette's.Now I am Here!!!
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I just got home from Wisconsin at 5:15 this evening...Boy has it been a long day! Got up early this morning and hopped in the Explorer to head to the Airport. Some major protesting was happening there today. It was the employees complaining about not getting breaks and lunches. If anyone is in the Chicago area, you'll have to watch the news tonight. There were cameras galore and several were filming me while I was going up & down the I might be on TV! In case if you are wondering, I'm wearing a leather jacket, white shirt, khaki pants. You have to let me know if I'm on TV or not, ok?

As you can see, my computer is up and running once again! I'm so thrilled right now! We've got new internet connection now and it's so fast! I love it!!

Well...that's about it for me. I've got lots of catching up to do...I'm ready to dig in right now!
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im so glad to see you here again Shell!

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Thanks Kell! It's great to be back! I've missed you and everyone else so much! You guys are stuck with would kill me to leave here permanently!
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Sherral, isn't it amazing how you feel there is NOTHING TO DO when the interenet connection is down? And yet, you end up getting so much done as a result...

My computer was down a few months back for almost a week, I felt like I was having withdrawal symptoms. Made me realize just how hooked on the 'net I am!
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Let's just hope it don't go down too oftern,I would't know what to do if my house was spotless!!! Ted, would think he was in the wrong house!
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I know whatcha mean!
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I have done all the housework I am going to do this week!!Ya all my cats are sleeping,and they were the ones that got me up at 5!I should go wake them up!
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Evening all.

I posted a few weeks ago in the DT about getting stuck dressing up as a California Raisin at school. Well, somebody took a picture, and now I am dumb enough to post it. I am the 2nd raisin from the left.

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Thanks for posting Deb!!!!! "I am the second raison from the left"......You don't hear that everyday!!

(I love these phrases!!! Too funny!!! )

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Great Kass. Now I gotta scroll down and see it twice. Talk about "saw it on the grapevine". Even sadder thing is that it's one of the better pictures I have appeared in recently.
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Actually, the rest of us can't view your original pic. You have to remove any 'extra' address after the .jpg. That's why I posted it again.

I think I'll save that pic & post it every so often randomly in the forums! It's not everyday you get to dress up as a raison!


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Deb, it's a cute pic! The things people will do for children.... (BTW, we couldn't see the pic you posted the first time because you still have the .jpg.orig at the end We only got to see the pic one time on the page. )

It's been one of those days, very hectic. Vikki, it's only 8:30 here and I'm about ready for bed. Perhaps it was those 2 Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonades I drank at the Office Meeting.

Shell, it's good to see you back!! We did miss you, in case you didn't notice.

You know, I almost wish the internet would go down at my house, but only when I'm at work and could still access here. If the internet would go down, maybe hubby would actually CLEAN here! LOL Fat Chance!!
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Duh. I hope it's fixed now.

And Kass,
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I'm changing the subject, but I noticed Ghys hasn't been here today. Last week she posted and told us that the start of her grandpa's chemo was cancelled (for that week) and that he had another appointment for Tuesday (yesterday). I wonder why she hasn't posted at all today. I hope everything is going ok...

Deb, I love that raisin pic!
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It really is amazing the things we'll do for kids... Deb - :LOL: Very cute!
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