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Long time No see

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Thought I would pop in and say Hi to everyone. Been busy busy around here spending lots of time out at the barn

We do have our first kitties of 2008 a small litter but doing great Just two

A black and white boy and a Classic Tabby and White boy i will have pics as soon as mom lets me take some. Shes very very protective.
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So protective she won't let you take a picture? What will she do? Is that normal? I am not a breeder of cats.
At any rate, welcome back and good to hear all is well
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well none of my females have ever done it. But this is Artemis's first litter with me. Generally when I take pictures We take them from mom for the time to take the photo keeping them right there..but still away. Shes not happy with that right now.
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Congratulations on your first litter of the year
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Looking forward to pics - was wondering where you were
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I am around just been really busy. been doing alot of seamstress work custom costumes. ect. and by the time i am done at the end of the day my fingers hurt to much to type, lol

I got some pics of the little ones. We have dubbed Zeus and Hades I will get them uploaded to my other comp tommrow
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Welcome back and congratulations on the new little ones!
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Congrats on your new kittens, looking forward to pictures -
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Kittens Here they are not the best but they are squirmy
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Congrats on the new litter!! They are adorable!! Love those persian babies!!

(Our 1st litter of 2008 is due in approx 2 wks.)

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They are adorable and don't you love when a female of the black or white looking persuasion gives you little surprises - Our blue cream tortie girl turned out to be a blue cream tortie smoke which is to our benefit -
Those babies are darling, are you going to be working with your shaded silver and golden lines together as well (if they cross the two in Persians with tarnishing as our goldens in Siberians are a bit different than persians in that they come in various agouti patterns and are a separate gene not just light brown as I have been told thats what it is in Persians??).
Also, in Persians are your goldens pink nosed (no black outline) and have a warm creamy color with black tipping at birth that becomes apricot.
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