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YAY!!!!!!!!!!! So my mom talked to the Landlord today about maybe breaking the Lease early and us moving with no issue... and they totally agreed!!!
Me and my mom were up all night last night looking for rentals ANYWHERE!! lol we almost moved to TX! But we found a place an hour away from where we are now.. its a 4BR house for $550 a month... we dont really know anymore but that.. oh and the guy has no problems with all our animals! ((we were having a hard time looking for a place before cuz our cats arnt DeClawed.. but this guy doesnt care about the cats at all!))
Were going to look at the house tomorrow at 9am and yes im gonna get pics... and even if we dont like this place the guys got 2 more places for us to look at!!! AWSOME!!!
The whole move will be in about 2 weeks if we like this place... if not than we'll be moving next month.. but its for sure!! were moving!!!
Oh and when we move.. im calling the people about Bear in a couple days ((my cuzin wouldnt give me there number before ))... and if hes still available ((i sooo hope he is)) were gonna pick him up a couple days before we move!!!
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Good luck with your move. I'm so glad things are falling into place and everyone is in good spirits. I hope you are also able to get Bear. Bear will be a wonderful addition to your family.
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