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No, I haven't signed up. I'm just lurking. I don't really have anything intelligent to say and it will be years and years before I can even think about bringing a ferret into my life. I might sign up later on though.

I like the quote you have in your signature there (I think it's you) about how fur should only be worn if you're born with it. That's a great quote, I just wish everyone would follow it.
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D'oh! It appears the fur quote was not you, but somebody with the same avatar.

Sorry. LOL, I'll learn to read someday, I swear.
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Pepper's only friend for now is Bella (as everyone knows from my sig photos, but I can't resist a chance to post a pic of my big girl!). She's a great dane, 1 yr old now, and about 120lbs.

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OMG!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE all the pics of your other pets!!!!! They are all beautiful!!!! And what a great thread!!!

I have other pets besides cats believe it or not!!!

I have a African Pygmy Hedgehog, named Spike....he is very ill right now, though, so all your prayers would be appreciated.

I also have a duprasi.....I used to have three, but two died.

I have 16 wonderful cats of course.... and we now have a Shelty pup. (I named her Lexy) that the kids (hubbies kids) gave us for Christmas)

I have had pet rats...which I LOVE and noone better say anything bad about rats.... And hamsters and guinie pigs ( I am sure I misspelled that ) I have also had pet mice.

I just love all the little critters.

I also had a BEAUTIFUL German Shepherd named Sheena who disappeared 7 months ago....we think she was stolen....

And I had a beautiful (in my eyes only) mutt named Scruffy who also left us.

But anyway.........I still have my most important furbaby....Merlin.....and the rest of my furbabies come in a very close second.

I would LOVE to have a Chinchilla!!!!!!!!!! I am jealous that you have so many !!!!!! (could you send me one???? )
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Debby, I think you and I have alot in common regarding the little critters! When I was a teenager, we had hedgies. Very cool pets, but since they were my mom's, she was the one who got the last say in their care. They lived in cat carriers because their breeder told my mom that they don't like big cages and they don't evercise. She wouldn't listen to me, so they lived in those tiny cages. Every chance we got though, my sister and I would take them out and let them run around the yard. My mom never figured out why they liked us better than her. She eventually got bored with them, and sold them all. I hope Spike gets better soon!!!

I also used to keep Duprasi! My last one, Dex, was my baby, such a little sweetie. Then I didn't latch my door well enough one day, and Marley got in there and got into his cage and killed him.

I also had rats for YEARS, I loved them! Such sweeties! After I got the cats though, they weren't as fun, because they couldn't run around the house as much. I had one girl who would steal dog food and hide it under my bed. I never knew this until I moved out of that house and hound a HUGE pile of dog food under there!

The chinchillas are BY FAR my favorite though! Such cool pets. They're so comical though. My oldest boy, sammy, is a total sweetie, but the others aren't so much (very friendly, just not cuddly). But yesterday I was playing with Lexi, my youngest chinchilla, who never lets me hold her, but loves playing with me. Anyway, I moved my finger up to her head to see if she would let me scratch her and she started to lean into my hand like she was really enjoying it. Then it was like she snapped out of it and pushed my hand away. LOL, she's such a nutty girl!

You know, the pet store people look at you funny when you ask them to order 25lbs of chinchilla food for you. I'm attaching a picture of Sammy, my sweetie, enjoying a scratch....
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My brood is small compared to most I've read about here! I have a whiteface cinnamon cockatiel, Joey, and a Maximilian Pionus, Holly Moon. (Yes, a Pionus is a bird. )

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Oh Dawn!!!!! You are right!!!!! We do indeed share the same love and knowledge of the little critters!!!! I am so sad to hear your mom got rid of all her hedgies....I had two...Penelope and Spike. Penelope died last year and Spike has cancer now under his jaw......the poor little guy...the vet says there is not much hope but he keeps hanging on and living and I cannot bring myself to end his little life just because someone says there is no hope.

I really would love to have a chinny.....you are so lucky!!!

I am going to try to attach a pic of Spike here...not sure if it will work it is not a good pic of him, kinda fuzzy but the only one I have,

Say prayers for the little guy, okay....please...he is not going to live much longer, I know.
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My poor little Spike!!!! Isn't he beautiful???????????
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Oh! Spike is so adorable!!!! Have you been to Chins-n-quills? It's a message board for chinchillas and hedgies, set up like this one. Lots of information!

I agree, there is no reason to let him go so soon as long as he's happy and not in pain. Just gotta spoil him a little more! My old dog, Kelly was HUGE, and had long thick hair that was impossible to groom. She hated being groomed, and bathed, and having her nails trimmed. So when we knew her time was coming soon, we let that stuff go, and she got to be the dirty hairy dog she loved to be (she used to roll in mud puddles when we would go for walks). She was always a happy dog and loved meeting everyone she could, so even going to the vet was a treat. In her last 1/2 hour she was as happy as a clam, she got to play with everyone at the vets office.

You should get a chinny! They're so cool!

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Oh, Debby, your little Spike is cute too! I'm sorry he's not doing so well... I hope he's not in any pain... it makes me feel all sick inside when someone's babies are hurting.
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That's so sweet of you to say Jenn....but yes....I do think Spike is hurting....but I don't know what to do for him. All I can do is pray....he will be gone in a few days, that I am sure of.

Dawn.....I have not been to Chins & Quills for ages.....I used to be a member there.....is Kalandra still there???? That was the first board/forums that I ever knew...chins and quills....and from there I met Jim from Frappydoo....(married adults forums)...and from there I met Anne (the owner of this site)....and was with her from the beginning when she started this site for cats when Frappydoo closed......it has since reopened, but my loyalty remains here.
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Oh Debby, my heart goes out to you - that is so sad I love hedgehogs, but we don't see that many round here. I'm sure you'll make his last days the best possible
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Debby: Awwww cute little hedgehogs, I've never owned them, but known several people who have had them. I'm so sorry to hear about what happened. I also owned A LOT of rodents when I was younger, like at least 100 hahah, rats are also my favorite, I still don't understand how people can be scared of those little dudes.

I also have always wanted a chinchilla since I did a report on them in 5th grade! I was actually setting out to adopt a chinchilla, ferret or pair of sugar gliders last year, hadn't decided which one yet, and before I even got to look at any others, Keiji stole my heart and I got him.
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